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  • Sales and Order Management for Prophet 21®

    Order Automation

    Regardless of whether your customers enter orders over the phone, online, or in person at your front counter, they want fast, helpful service. Directly tied to your warehouse, order automation allows you to tell customers what is in stock, when new stock is coming in, and even what they ordered in the past. The system will also suggest go-together items to ensure that your customers get everything they need and that you maximize your selling potential. Order automation also enables you to link product information, such as material safety data sheets (MSDS) or product specifications, to item codes and then make those documents immediately available to customers.


    For every product, for every customer, there is a strategic price that produces the optimal gross margin—the highest margin you can obtain while retaining the customer’s business. That price depends on many factors, from the amount of business you do with a customer annually, to an individual item. Epicor takes this highly complex task and simplifies it down to a few keystrokes. The Epicor optional Strategic Pricing module analyzes your database for customer and order information and then classifies your customers by type and size. It then analyzes past purchase history and recommends pricing items by customer and product. Distributors who implement those suggestions have seen a 2-4 percent increase in their margins on affected items almost immediately.

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    Wholesale Distribution Software that Works for You

    Prophet 21 can be implemented either onsite or remotely via an application service provider (ASP) or a hardware hosting option.

    As part of the Epicor Distribution Suite, Prophet 21 integrates with many value-add modules, including Epicor’s Proof of Delivery, Strategic Pricing, and Service Dispatch.

    For the full Epicor Prophet 21 story, call 1.800.776.7438 and speak with an Epicor solutions specialist or email us at info@epicor.com.

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