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  • Production Management for Prophet 21®


    Many distributors perform manufacturing work and other value-added activities for their partners, such as kitting, assembling, and processing goods for customer orders. For distributors who perform a significant volume of value-added work, Epicor offers manufacturing capabilities that combine production order and multi-stage processing functionality, allowing you to process raw materials as a step within a production order. There are also a number of workflow options that enhance your control over how transactions are handled and processed, to create a single, complete manufacturing package. In addition to allowing users to track labor and processing costs, Epicor enables distributors to apply the cost of freight to a job and send items and/or assemblies to an outside vendor for additional processing. You also have the ability to process disassemblies. For distributors who run jobs over periods of time, Epicor provides work in process (WIP) functionality. You may move the material out of inventory until the assembly/processed item is complete. This enables you to apply the costs to the final item. When the job is complete, distributors may compare the estimated cost versus the actual and adjust their processes accordingly.

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    Wholesale Distribution Software that Works for You

    Prophet 21 can be implemented either onsite or remotely via an application service provider (ASP) or a hardware hosting option.

    As part of the Epicor Distribution Suite, Prophet 21 integrates with many value-add modules, including Epicor’s Proof of Delivery, Strategic Pricing, and Service Dispatch.

    For the full Epicor Prophet 21 story, call 1.800.776.7438 and speak with an Epicor solutions specialist or email us at info@epicor.com.

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