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  • Epicor LumberTrack

    Wood Products Software

    Epicor LumberTrack is comprehensive wood products software used by lumber and wood products manufacturers and wholesale distributors. Many of the top names in the industry—from regional value-added manufacturers to vertically integrated forest products multinationals—rely on LumberTrack lumber inventory software to strengthen local and global competitive advantage by optimizing operational efficiency and providing insight into costs, inventory, production, and demand. 

    Designed specifically for the forestry and wood products industry, LumberTrack wood products software supports the business needs of:

    • Hardwood and softwood
    • Lumber, panel, treated wood, value-added and by-products
    • Import, domestic, and export sales
    • Single-site or vertically integrated operatoins including forest management and log yard operations, primary and secondary manufacturing, and wholesale/distribution including LBM buying groups 

    Lumber Inventory Software

    From log procurement through production, from sales order processing through logistics and shipping, LumberTrack can monitor the status and cost of inventory and orders to provide accurate data and real-time companywide visibility that improves efficiency and profitability, while offering outstanding customer service. This lumber inventory software can be used alone or in combination with its complementary products—FiberTrack log yard management system, TagTrack barcode and tagging stations, LumberTrack Online web portal, and LumberTrack Imaging document management system. LumberTrack offers seamless continuity of business data between your company’s financial and accounting systems, sales/logistics departments, and production facilities. It’s just like ERP, but tailored to the nuances of the wood products industry.

    “LumberTrack has given us visibility we didn’t have before, and the opportunity to sell faster and speed inventory turnover. Inventory information is more reliable and we use it to optimize production schedules.”
    - Ronnie Clay, VP Finance, Anthony Forest Products

    Improve operational efficiency and competitive advantage with:

    • Business intelligence, management dashboards, quick data query, and powerful reporting
    • Familiar, yet powerful user interface capabilities that speed responsiveness and boost productivity
    • Integrated workflow to reduce data re-entry, errors, and mis-shipments
    • Web-based access for remote staff and customer account portal convenience
    • Extensive support for import and export transactions and logistics
    • Integrated accounting and financial management through Microsof® Dynamic® GP (Great Plains) or other best-of-breed financial software
    • Multi-location architecture to integrate sales offices, production, and reman facilities around the world
    • Multi-lingual to meet all your language needs

    Wood Products Software Best Practices

    Central to LumberTrack software is accurate, real-time tracking of inventory throughout a company’s operations. But LumberTrack lumber inventory software is no ordinary inventory management system. Just as you know that lumber is not a widget, and a sawmill is not an assembly line, we know that a generic inventory management or can’t meet the needs of the wood products industry. From the log yard to the delivery site, LumberTrack wood products software transaction processing workflow and costing systems are designed with the traditions and the evolving industry best practices in mind:

    • Pre-sales and available-to-promise based on production schedules
    • Make-to-order, make-to-stock work orders at multiple locations
    • Complex product descriptions with cumulative attributes
    • Re-loading, re-grading, and value-add operations
    • Multi-mode transport by pack/weight/volume and conversion of units of measure for export
    • Adjustments due to shrinkage and spoilage
    • Hardwood's random dimensions, bundle tallies, and bundle-splitting

    For more information on Epicor LumberTrack and how this wood products software can help your wood products manufacturing and distribution company grow, please call us at +1-888-463-4700Ask an Epicor Expert , or  send us an email.

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