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  • Productivity Solutions for Dimensions

  • Epicor Dimensions (formerly Activant Dimensions) is a comprehensive distribution management system designed for LBM. The system was widely adopted by customers from the 1980's to early 1990's. While Epicor no longer sells Epicor Dimensions, we continue to enhance and support it for our customers. We encourage customers to evaluate next generation systems including Epicor Catalyst and Epicor Eagle®.

    Document Management

    Using the power of electronic storage, Catalyst Document Management lets you dramatically reduce the amount of paper you handle and store, as you speed access to documents and improve customer service. Digital document storage reduces the need for storage space, paper products, and postage. With Document Management you will meet the legal obligations to store signed hard copies, have instant access to invoices, improve system security, and save time and costs with improved productivity.

    Dispatch & Delivery System (DDS)

    This system provides an advanced set of tools for planning and tracking of deliveries to customers. Catalyst DDS automates daily scheduling and routing, and provides real-time dashboard tracking using GPS, cellular and Internet technologies. Its flexibility allows last-minute or mid-route additions and changes, while ODBC-compliant database reports give managers the information they need to optimize performance. With DDS you will increase profits by optimizing delivery truck loading and routes, reduce interruptions with order status, and improve efficiency by automating manual processes.

    Professional Estimating

    Professional Estimating helps to deliver the service customers expect. This tool reduces estimating time up to 50-70%, giving your estimator more time to do a thorough job and present a more detailed, informative estimate. By using your database of SKUs, item numbers, descriptions and price structures, the system is able to provide reliable and accurate material lists, labeled graphics for builders and contractors, and reduce (or even eliminate) return trips to the job site, which ultimately reduces the cost of delivery.

    iNet Pro

    This system enables you to cut costs while enhancing sales and loyalty by giving customers 24/7 online access to billing information, inventory status, ordering capabilities, and more. With iNet Pro, customers can see what’s in stock, review pricing, check the status of a quote, and receive real-time delivery information. The result is fewer calls to your busy staff—and customers who are better prepared to buy.

    Epicor also offers interfaces to third party products to round out your business management system:

    Enables you to easily extract, manipulate, and present all of the data that is contained in your POS database.

    Enhances laser forms and reports from any application with images and graphics, eliminating the need for pre-printed forms.

    Design Tools
    Makes the designing of decks, fences, garages, and post frame building simple, accurate, and fast!

    Epicor also offers the following products for Dimensions customers:

    • Dimensions Online Ordering
    • Dimensions Bar Code
    • Dimensions Time & Attendance
    • Dimensions Direct Deposit
    • Dimensions Inventory Handheld Count
    • Dimensions Commissions Reporting
    • Dimensions Rental Software

  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of each industry and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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