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    Business Management Software

    Epicor Eagle N Series the next generation of Eagle software, is a comprehensive retail business management system built for today’s independent retail businesses. Making it easier for businesses to outservice their competition, grow profits and operate more efficiently, Eagle is used in over 8,000 locations by retailers in these industries:

    Epicor Eagle N Series Retail Software Management System

    Epicor Eagle is a retail business management system that offers easy-to-navigate design and organization; built-in, on-screen analytics; support and communication tools; and streamlined workflows that simplify tasks.

    Tools to Grow Your Business

    Epicor Eagle gives you the advanced technology used by big box retailers at an affordable price. The tools in Eagle enable you to deliver an exceptional customer experience, improve bottom-line performance and make smarter business decisions. It also helps your business adopt and reinforce retail best practices across all essential areas of your operation, from POS to the back office.

    With Epicor Eagle you can:

    Outservice your competition

    Eagle’s point-of-sale system offers the greatest opportunity for engaging with customers, and enables you to offer a consistently superior level of service. Accurate customer information helps you create targeted offers and improve retention.

    Manage inventory for maximum ROI

    Eagle retail business management software gives you everything you need to order, receive, store and count inventory efficiently and accurately, in the backroom or in the aisles. Keep catalog and vendor prices up to date, and print the labels you need for new items and promotions.

    Maximize cash flow, profits and business performance

    All essential financial management tools—payables, receivables, general ledger and financial reporting—are fully integrated with POS, inventory and other retail activities. Automated import tools save staff time and prevent errors.

    Managers can track key business metrics using intuitive dashboards and reports. Even when on the go, you can keep tabs on essential information, receive time-sensitive alerts and more.

    Enhance compliance, communication and system management

    Document scanning, electrical filing and advanced fax tools save on staff time, storage space, and costs, while specialized reporting helps you keep your Eagle system running smoothly.

    Eagle Capabilities

    Industry-leading functionality

    Eagle includes embedded business intelligence; simplified workflows; integrated support bar with in-app access to online training, customer support, and online user community; and updated modern user interface based on Microsoft .NET architecture.

    Seamless, streamlined processes

    Eagle enables you to perform such tasks as adding new customers; managing customer contacts; printing labels; changing prices; and adding vendors and items quickly and easily.

    Powerful decision support

    Eagle includes in-context, advanced analytics for products, pricing, sales figures, and inventory that give you unparalleled insight into customer behavior and key business operations so you can make the right decisions faster.

    Have Questions about Epicor Eagle Software? call us at +1-888-463-4700 or send us an e-mail.

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