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York Ace Hardware

Company Facts


  • Location: York, Nebraska
  • Industry: HWHC
  • Number of Locations (or Employees): 1
  • Web site: www.yorkacehardware.com
  • Affiliation: Ace Hardware

"Epicor Eagle Performance Manager provides the information I need to adjust the inventory mix and get my store sales and profitability where they should be."
Blake Burgess, Owner | York Ace Hardware


York Ace Hardware Boosts Profits and Customer Service with Dashboards and Mobile Access to Store Information


York Ace Hardware is a 10,000 square foot store offering basic hardware items and women's jewelry. Sixteen employees provide excellent customer service to the residents of York, Nebraska. When the owner, Blake Burgess, purchased the store three years ago, he was already familiar with the efficiency of the Epicor Eagle business management solution, which came with the purchase. He added Epicor Eagle Performance Manager and Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager so that he had access to store data via dashboards and his smartphone.

Dashboards provide metrics at-a-glance

Burgess wanted to track performance metrics and now he rapidly accesses those metrics by using his Performance Manager dashboards. "I frequently review Category Analysis and use it to track our customers and understand who we should target for business-to-business sales," said Blake Burgess, owner of York Ace Hardware. "I also see at a glance when customers aren't buying as much, and that empowers me to be more effective when I meet with customers."

Improving merchandising increases profits

York Ace uses the Market Basket tool in Performance Manager to improve end cap displays for greater profitability. "Market Basket is a very useful feature," said Burgess. "In Market Basket, I see which products sell together and use that information to build displays with products near each other. I'm looking forward to going through our entire top selling SKUs to further explore which complementary items should be merchandised together."

The company also uses the Scorecard feature once a week to take a quick glance at how the business is performing. "We target a four percent sales increase every year, so I review how we are performing the current year compared to the previous year," said Burgess. "If we are behind, I'll take a closer look. I might drill down to the SKUs sold to see if there was unusual activity in the previous year. With Performance Manager, I easily get my questions answered."

York Ace plans to continue gaining efficiencies and profits with Performance Manager. "Epicor Eagle Performance Manager provides the information I need to adjust the inventory mix and get my store sales and profitability where they should be," said Burgess.

Managing the business from anywhere

Mobile Manager enables York Ace to monitor business performance when management is away from the store. "Prior to Mobile Manager, I would have to call the store or wait until the next day to find out how the store performed on my day off," said Burgess. "Now I check on the store from my phone wherever I am. As an owner it's important for me to be able to see how the store is doing even when I'm not there. Mobile Manager affords me that freedom."

Mobile access to data also improved how quickly Burgess can react to problems. "More than once when I was looking at my top 100 items, I noticed that we sold an item at a price below cost," said Burgess. "I can quickly change bin labels or educate cashiers to ring more carefully-quick resolution saves profits."

Improved customer service with mobile capabilities

While in the store, the ability to scan items with smartphones has led to improved customer service for York Ace. "When I'm on the floor, I can quickly scan items with my phone to check prices and quantityon- hand," said Burgess. "My customers are often impressed that I'm able to check inventory with my phone."

Burgess also uses the information on his smart phone to perform overrides. "I no longer have to run to the front to approve the override," said Burgess. "With a click a button, the override is completed. "Of course, I can perform overrides while I'm away from the store too."

Better buying decisions at the markets

When Burgess goes to the Ace Shows, he no longer has to carry handwritten notes. Instead, it's all there for him on his smartphone. "I scan items with my phone to see their sales history and can make an informed decision about whether we should buy the item," said Burgess. "It's instantaneous."

The combination of Performance Manager and Mobile Manager works for York Ace. "I'm able to access sales, pricing, inventory information and customer information from wherever I am," said Burgess. "I'm saving a lot of time, making better buying decisions, and better serving customers."

About Epicor

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Success Highlights:


  • Measuring performance against metrics was cumbersome
  • Errors at point of sale went unnoticed
  • No access to store information when away


  • Epicor Eagle Performance Manager
  • Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager


  • Easy access to store information to make better decisions
  • Remote overrides and instant access to inventory data improves customer service
  • Freedom to manage the business while away from the store