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Wadler Brothers

Company Facts


  • Headquarters: Fleischmanns, New York
  • Sales Breakdown: 60% contractor, 40% retail
  • Number of Employees: 20
  • Number of Locations: 1
  • Year Founded: 1959
  • Affiliation: True Value

"Eagle makes us more efficient and makes our day easier. We perform tasks more quickly. After over ten years of relying on Eagle, we're still in love with the system."
Steven Wadler, Vice President | Wadler Brothers

Wadler Brothers Reduces Processes from Hours to Minutes with Epicor Eagle

Founded in 1959, Wadler Brothers is a 40,000 square foot retail store on 11 acres in Fleischmanns, New York. Catering to second homeowners in its vacation market, Wadler Brothers offers a diverse set of products from building materials to paints and fixtures to concrete. Until 2001, the company was manually operated, using a paper and pencil approach. The owners-the three Wadler siblings-understood that as the business grew it needed to be more efficient. They opted to implement the Epicor Eagle system and since then, have realized significant returns on their investment.

Epicor Works for Wadler Brothers

Wadler Brothers, a family-owned lumber and building materials company began with the simple need to shingle a barn roof. Soon, the Wadler family recognized that many other residents needed shingles as much as they did. From such humble beginnings, the Wadler business blossomed into a community business, offering the surrounding Catskill Mountain residents a wide range of products including lumber, building materials, windows and doors, materials for kitchen and bath, and plumbing and heating. In 2001, Wadler Brothers further expanded to include a concrete mixing plant. With over 50 years of experience, Wadler Brothers continues to provide its customers superior products, along with knowledgeable staff.

In 2001, Wadler Brothers moved to a new location, and at the same time switched from their manual processes to the Epicor Eagle system. Steven Wadler, vice president of Wadler Brothers comments on the change, "Everything was new. We moved into our new store and went live with Eagle."

Improved Customer Service and Purchasing

The business made great strides at point of sale with the addition of Epicor Signature Capture. "With Signature Capture in place, we're more efficient," explains Steven.

"When second homeowners have a contractor working on a project, we can securely store the homeowners' credit card information, and allow contractors to use those credit cards. At the time of sale, we instantly e-mail the invoice receipt to our customers. They appreciate knowing exactly what the contractor has purchased in nearly real time."

Additionally, the ordering process is a cinch with Epicor Eagle. "With Viewers I can check prices or inventory balances at the SKU level. And I use the Eagle Suggested Orders to quickly create my orders," continues Steven. "When I place my order, I know I'm getting the most value out of my dollar. And, I'm done in five minutes instead of an hour or more."

Faster, More Efficient Back Office

Wadler Brothers uses Epicor Document Management and Epicor iNet to streamline their back office processes. Document Management is an electronic document storage system; iNet makes electronic customer statements and invoices accessible to their customer base online. "Probably 75 percent of our customers get invoices e-mailed immediately. Our statements now require a lot less paper and a lot less in mailing costs. It's made us much more efficient," describes Steven.

Document Management has also reduced steps in invoicing at the concrete division. "We have a separate invoice for a concrete ticket," says Steven. "Before we'd have to photocopy the concrete ticket, staple it to another invoice and send a statement in the mail. Now, we can attach the concrete invoice electronically with the other invoice and e-mail it to a customer. Document Management really streamlined how we invoice."

Data-driven Decisions

Epicor Business Advisor creates in-depth reports on the business with the click of a button. "Business Advisor gives us another level of guidance. We can see everything from quick overviews, down to the details. We run reports weekly and monthly to look at the health of our business. We can compare a particular day this year from last year. We can use that information to project sales and really assess how we are doing," explains Steven.

This more informed approach has worked well for Wadler Brothers. "Before we had Business Advisor, we were merely 'shooting from the hip.' Now, we make decisions based on information, especially with inventory orders," says Steven. "Business Advisor has really guided our purchasing and helped improve our economics."

Life's Better with Epicor

Wadler Brothers has seen its business processes improve with Epicor Eagle. "Before Epicor, every night we had to total all the tickets and then someone had to recheck the math. With Epicor Eagle at point-of-sale, the totaling is automatic. Eagle removed a two-step process-and that's just one process of many," Steven says. "Eagle makes us more efficient and makes our day easier. We perform tasks more quickly. After over ten years of relying on Eagle, we're still in love with the system."

About Epicor

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