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Southeast Missouri Builders Supply

Company Facts

• Location: Cape Girardeau, Missouri

• Industry: Lumber and Building Materials

• Number of employees: 20

• Number of stores: 1

• Website:


• Co-op: Do it Best

Southeast Missouri Builder's Supply Relies on Epicor Eagle to exceed customer expectations

"Early on, Epicor Eagle enabled our business to be more efficient with powerful point of sale and integrated inventory management. The advantage now, with the Core Upgrade program, is about how we can better serve our customers."

John Beaudean, Sales and IT Manager | Southeast Missouri Builder's Supply

Southeast Missouri Builder's Supply is a full service lumber and building materials retailer that serves contractors, home builders, and homeowners with experienced sales professionals, a fleet of delivery trucks, and an online store. Southeast Missouri Builder's Supply promises to get the right products when and where their customers need them. Surrounded by competition on all sides, this locally owned store depends on Epicor Eagle software, and has taken advantage of the Epicor Eagle Core Upgrade program to sharpen their competitive edge.

Too good of a deal to pass up

The Eagle Core Upgrade program helps users stay current with retail best practices. It's packaged at a price that Epicor Eagle software users discover is too good of an opportunity to pass up. "The additional functionality that the new software solutions bring really adds value to our business," said John Beaudean, sales and IT manager for Southeast Missouri Builder's Supply. "Our customers look to us to deliver better service than our competitors. These new solutions make everything simpler, more streamlined, and clearly enhance our ability to increase service to our customers."

It's the small things that add up Efficiency and productivity are at the heart of a well-run retail operation today and key to profitability. "It's all of the small things that we can do more quickly and easily with the Eagle applications that add up to savings," said Beaudean. "One example is that it would take us close to an hour to inventory an aisle. Now using Eagle Mobile Inventory, we get it done in 20 minutes. If a customer needs help, it's easy to stop and resume the count later. Solutions like this allow us to better serve customers and better use our time."

Transforming promotions from pain to gain

The clear advantage of "Buy One, Get One at 50% Off" offers have shown a direct increase in unit and dollar sales. The Eagle Dynamic Promotions intuitive wizard allows Southeast Missouri Builder's Supply to set up offers by simply building a list of items, defining the promotion rules, and specifying run dates. "Eagle Dynamic Promotions transfers the burden from the salespeople having to remember promotion details to Eagle, and simply executes the promotions at point of sale (POS)," said Beaudean. "If the customer needs to return the item, the system automatically and accurately calculates the return at 50% of the original price. This simple, yet powerful tool produces endless flexibility to move inventory when necessary."

Pre-scanning speeds up checkout and everyone benefits

A building supply business maintains countless items in large quantities, which presents challenges when customers trod to checkout with baskets full of small items and carts stacked with supplies. "With Eagle Mobile POS we can pre-scan items such as plumbing elbows and fittings directly from the shelf and drop them into the customer's basket," said Beaudean. "This simple process change reaps benefits for everyone. Now the plumbing customer, and everyone behind him, is no longer delayed by unloading his basket at the checkout counter to be counted again. And if a line suddenly forms at checkout, we can pre-scan customers' baskets or carts, so only payment is handled at the counter, thus reducing wait times. Mobile POS is a simple, and elegant tool that enhances our customer experience."

Turning customers' paperwork into a competitive advantage

Southeast Missouri Builder's Supply commercial volume hovers around 75% of sales, which equates to additional paperwork to service these important accounts. "Eagle Document Management allows us to be a true business partner with our commercial customers," said Beaudean. "A hidden benefit of e-mailed invoices is that we reduce the paperwork burden our customers face in trying to track their material and equipment purchases. Typically companies send their employees to pick up orders making it difficult to confirm receipt and track supplies. With e-mailed invoices and statements, it's as if we are doing the paperwork for them, which is a huge service."

"Early on, Epicor Eagle enabled our business to be more efficient with powerful point of sale and integrated inventory management. The advantage now, with the Eagle Core Upgrade program, is about how we can better serve our customers. Customers with hundreds of employees purchase from us because it's easier to track the paperwork," said Beaudean. "It's a competitive advantage. Southeast Missouri Builder's Supply gets you in and out of the store more quickly, and helps with backend accounting. Who doesn't want that?"

About Epicor

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Success Highlights:


• Remaining competitive with commercial accounts
• Increasing staff productivity
• Delivering the high level of service customers expect


• Epicor® Eagle® Core Upgrade
• Epicor Eagle Mobile Inventory
• Epicor Eagle Dynamic Promotions
• Epicor Eagle Mobile POS
• Epicor Eagle Document Manager



• Cycle counting anytime or anywhere without interrupting business
• Faster checkout provides a higher level of customer service
• Inventory tasks cut in half
• Business is now more competitive with streamlined solutions