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Millard Lumber

LBM dealer uses Epicor BisTrack software to manage installed sales and turnkey projects

Company Facts
• Location: Omaha, Nebraska
• Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
• Sales Profile: 90% Professional, 10% Retail
• Number of Locations: 3 manufacturing and distribution facilities
• Web site: www.millardlumber.com

“There's little doubt in my mind that we've picked up margin and efficiency using the Epicor BisTrack solution, but the quality of the service we can give our customers has also been greatly enhanced.”

Joel Russell, VP and COO | Millard Lumber



As Millard Lumber’s business grew to three locations that include design centers, drive-thru yards, manufacturing plants, and a turnkey project office, they decided to replace their Epicor ECS Pro system with newer technology that was better able to support their business. “We’ve always tried to integrate as much technology as we can into our organization,” explains Joel Russell, VP and COO at Millard Lumber. “With Epicor BisTrack software, we feel like we actually have a tool that we can build upon.”

Turnkey systems for speed and control

Millard Lumber deals with mostly professional clientele, residential and commercial builders and contractors representing upwards of 90% of their business. They offer a wide variety of building materials for projects ranging from kitchen renovations to construction of multi-family apartments and retirement homes.

“The unemployment rate is phenomenally low in our state, and it’s hard to find skilled labor in the construction trade,” says Russell. “So we offer whole turnkey packages including labor for a lump sum price. We panelize wall and floors, we do roof trusses, and we install it in the field. And we’re able to get the work done in the timeframe needed by our builders.”

Better job costing for contract-driven sales

“We do a lot of larger commercial jobs. We use BisTrack software for contract management and billing, as well as labor and materials tracking,” says Russell. “We enter each phase of the contract on a line item, for example wall panels or windows and window labor, and schedule its billing. We can monitor in real time at each phase of the contract to see if we’re making or losing money. And if something is going wrong, we can drill down in seconds to find out why.”

Accessible, real-time data

“The biggest benefit of the BisTrack solution is that real-time data is easily accessible to anyone,” says Chris Routhe, business process manager at Millard Lumber. “Now, we’re able to create custom dashboards with real-time information relevant to specific jobs and operations. We display orders and ticket information for everyone to see—the sales person, shop supervisors, purchasers, and the dispatch team.”

Millard Lumber is now much more responsive to changes in delivery dates. Routhe explains, “If the sales person pulls in the delivery date for a millwork item, such as pre-hung doors, everyone knows about it so that it’s not a mad rush.”

Dashboards motivate sales people

Millard Lumber has over 30 sales people, and Routhe credits Epicor BisTrack software and its dashboards for keeping them informed and motivated. “The sales people are able to get answers quicker. They get a list of their orders going out that day. They can see things like back ordered items and decide how to handle it before it becomes an issue,” says Routhe.

“We show them their top 10 customers, and their daily and monthly sales and margins,” says Routhe. “We rank the sales guys by total sales. They’re pretty competitive, so having that on their desktop gets them going.”

“We’re building out a CRM dashboard now too,” says Russell. “It will allow the sales people and their managers to review opportunities and the sales pipeline for each sales person.”

Quality of service improved amid growth

Russell says that data availability from Epicor BisTrack software has improved their operations and profitability, but adds that it also improves customer service.

“For example, when something comes into our receiving area and is scanned, it’s received instantaneously,” says Russell. “So if it’s a special order, now the sales person gets notification on their dashboard immediately that it has arrived, and he can let the customer know.”

“There’s little doubt in my mind that we’ve picked up margin and efficiency using the Epicor BisTrack solution, but the quality of service we can give our customers has also been greatly enhanced, even though our volume has grown. You’d think it would be more difficult to service the customer the same way, but we’re able to do it more efficiently.”

Success Highlights:



  • As business grew to include manufacturing and more installed sales, Millard Lumber wanted business data to be visible across the company to gain efficiencies, improve profitability, and enhance customer services



• Epicor® BisTrack™



  • Better visibility and real-time monitoring of contract-driven projects and turnkey systems
  • Job costing available within minutes instead of 1-2 days
  • Faster receiving by 48-72 hours
  • Better coordination of order fulfillment requirements
  • Improved quality of customer relationships