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Madsen’s Custom Cabinets

Company Facts

  • Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Industry: Millwork Manufacturing
  • Number of Employees: 100
  • Website: www.madsensmillwork.com


 “Real-time information has been a key to us moving forward. We’re able to give the clients a much more confirmed idea of when product’s going to reach them and where we’re sitting from the reliable information that Epicor provides us.”

 Craig Leach, Sales Manager | Madsen’s Custom Cabinets



Since 1962, Madsen’s has been engineering and producing some of the most noteworthy and innovative millwork products in Canada. The company prides itself in its veneering capabilities—searching the world for the finest veneers and lumbers to ensure its clients receive the best possible quality.

The company’s prior enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions consisted of various, disconnected systems and lacked real inventory metrics. “Before we switched to Epicor, we struggled with functionality between multiple platforms and experienced material losses, labor losses—different things like that impacted the business,” recalled Craig Leach, sales manager, Madsen’s Custom Cabinets.

After an extensive search, the company selected Epicor ERP. “We chose Epicor because of the familiarity with the screens they have,” said Jason Bassett, IT manager. “It looked like Microsoft products which made it an easy transition. And we looked at quite a few different systems, but the whole customization support was a big part of why we chose Epicor.”

Real-time views from engineering to factory floor

For its deployment, Madsen’s worked with 2015 and 2016 Epicor Worldwide Partner of the Year Six S Partners. “We chose Six S because of how they asked questions to discover how we do business,” said Bassett. “It’s what they took away from the table in initial discussions rather than what they brought to the table that we selected them. We laid out some business and information flow on how we run the business, and they laid out their suggestions for us.”

“Our shop floor is full of computers for the guys to look at the drawing designs as well as getting to Epicor for issuing material and clocking in and clocking out,” explained Bassett. “It’s enabled us to speed up the flow of information upstairs, so we know more about inventory control, production, and people can see where things are in production.” 

Now, any employee with access to the company’s Epicor ERP system can see real-time production information and gauge where manpower is needed, flow jobs from engineering to the shop floor in a timely manner to avoid bottlenecks, and see where jobs are throughout the shop as they clock into operations.

“Real-time information has been a key to us moving forward,” Leach added. “We’re able to give the clients a much more confirmed idea of when product’s going to reach them and where we’re sitting from the reliable information that Epicor provides us.”

The connectivity to Microsoft® Excel® products has also been useful to Madsen’s, as it allows them to pull information in and out and manipulate it in order to view a variety of business metrics from different prisms that allow the company to make data-driven business decisions. “Our daily production review of our projects and status in the past was a manual process that was entered into Excel. Now Epicor—through its updateable dashboard technology—allows us to see real-time status and enables us to make changes to our customers’ dynamic projects through delivery and installations,” Leach said.

“Epicor is very easy to use, configure, and customize for different departments, because not everyone wants to see the same thing,” explained Bassett. “I would recommend Six S Partners to other companies looking to deploy Epicor ERP because they have knowledgeable, professional staff and have been a great help to getting our business off the ground.”


Success Highlights:


  • Find an ERP system capable of integrating disparate business departments


  • Epicor® ERP


  • Saved $200,000 CAD per year in throwaway material, over-ordering, underordering, and incorrectly issuing materials
  • Reduced the time it takes for information to pass from shop floor to office
  • Provided real-time business metrics to anyone with access to the Epicor ERP system