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Dunn Lumber

Company Facts

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Industry: LBM Dealer and Retailer
  • Sales Profile: 55% Contractor / 45% Retail
  • Number of Locations: 9
  • Web site: www.dunnlumber.com

"We're able to better serve our customers- both online and in our stores-with accurate and visible product, transaction, and stock information for all our locations. We believe many existing customers research products and availability online before coming to our stores. And Web Track has made a dramatic difference in our online sales and online visibility."
Tyler Banken, IT Director | Dunn Lumber


Dunn Lumber is a family-owned and operated business with 11 building materials stores in Washington state. They pride themselves in offering exceptional products and customer service to its mixed contractor and homeowner clientele for over 100 years.

Dunn Lumber upgraded from Advantage to Epicor BisTrack business management system to be able to maintain its traditional competitive advantage in the market place-superior customer service. "It has made a huge difference," said Tyler Banken, IT director at Dunn Lumber. "BisTrack helps us stock product, provide information, and make the business decisions that benefit our customers the most."

Online Presence for Better Customer Service

One of Dunn Lumber's recent initiatives has been to use the BisTrack web portal- called Web Track-to build an online catalog and store. Tied directly to BisTrack, all visitors to Dunn Lumber's online catalog can check current availability of stock in each of Dunn's locations. In addition, almost 4,000 contractors and frequent customers have registered for a Web Track account, which allows customers to view account history, get copies of statements and invoices, and see their negotiated prices in the online catalog.

"Our contractors use Web Track as a tool in the evenings when they're bidding their jobs," said Banken. "When our contractors log in, they get their exact pricing. They can do their quotes at night, so that they have time to deal with their customers during the day."

Incremental Online Retail Sales

"Most of our online sales have been retail," said Banken. "And all the research said that, even if they don't buy online, customers will look online to see what you have, check availability, and then go to a store to buy it once they have all that information. We're going to start testing with online promotion codes and track the people coming to the store after being online."

"We've seen a huge jump in online sales," said Banken, quoting a 225% increase in the number of sales transactions compared to the same quarter in the previous year. Moreover, the dollar volume of each sale and its margin has increased proportionally, 300% and 285% respectively.

However, to their surprise, about 80% of online purchases are from 'anonymous' users-visitors to Dunn Lumber's website who have not registered for a Web Track account. "We thought our online sales would come from our current customer market. But we're appealing to a more general audience who is looking for something they can quickly and easily buy online and get delivered to them locally," said Banken. "So we think our online sales are mostly incremental."

Tighter Inventory Control Key to Customer Satisfaction

BisTrack's inventory management system is fundamental to having accurate stock availability visible on Dunn Lumber's website. In BisTrack, sales transactions automatically update inventory data, so stock levels are accurate in real time. "We also do cycle counts all the time, and BisTrack's Mobile Count application dramatically shortened the time it takes by about 10 hours each week," said Banken. "It frees staff up to do other tasks, such as making sure bin tags are correct and shelves are stocked full."

"BisTrack Suggested Orders has tightened up inventory control," said Banken. "We have fewer stockouts, which are potentially lost sales. And we're now able to follow sales trends through the seasons so that we can reduce inventory where sales are slowing and bring in more of what is selling. It has made a huge difference."

Running the Business Proactively

The BisTrack order processing work flow is also helping Dunn Lumber to manage customer relations proactively and improve the service it offers. "In our old system, orders were invoiced right away and you didn't know if the material actually went out," said Banken. "Now, we're able to keep track and follow the transaction all the way through every step. We can make sure the customer is happy, and accounting is happy because transactions are processed properly."

"Having quick and easy access to all the data we need through BisTrack reporting and dashboards has made a big difference," said Banken. "Before, reporting was troublesome. You'd have to contact someone at Advantage and have them write something for you. Now, whatever you can dream of, you can write it with SQL."

"BisTrack has enabled us to make a mindshift in how we run the company," said Banken. "We can make business decisions based on hard numbers showing what's actually taking place at that time, rather than waiting for month-end numbers to finally get cleaned up. We can be fully proactive now."

About Epicor

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Success Highlights:


  • Offer superior product, availability, and customer service to a mixed contractor and retail clientele as a foundation for competitive advantage.


  • Epicor ® BisTrack™


  • Accurate real-time stock levels from all locations, visible in online store
  • 300% growth in online sales
  • Improved contractor services
  • Time saving of 10 hours/week in cycle counting
  • Business decisions based on current data
  • Proactive management