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Annandale Millwork and Allied Systems

Company Facts

  • Location: Winchester, Virginia
  • Industry: LBM distributor and manufacturer
  • Sales Profile: 90% Contractors / 10% Retail
  • Number of Locations: 2
  • Web site: www.amcasc.com

"We're able to accomplish a lot more because it's so much easier to research and have access to the information you need. There's so much potential and room for growth that we're really excited for the future and looking forward to continuing to build on the improvements we have already made."

Jennifer Leonard, CFO | Annandale Millwork and Allied Systems



Annandale Millwork and Allied Systems Corporation manufactures and distributes interior and exterior doors, windows, trim and custom architectural millwork, as well as framing components including wall panels, floor systems, lumber, and roof trusses. They also offer engineering installation services, frequently selling whole home packages using installed sales contracts.

Flexible manufacturing and POS software

Hampered by a lack of shared information between the software packages used in each of its operations, Annandale had created manual workarounds and folderbased systems that were slow and fraught with inefficiencies. They decided to upgrade to a single comprehensive business software systems. “We were looking for software that could handle everything: millwork, component manufacturing, and point of sale because we had just started a retail store,” says Rob Frogale, co-owner of Annandale.

“Unlike other software we looked at, we found BisTrack software had enough flexibility to adapt to each area of our business,” recalls Jennifer Leonard, CFO at Annandale. “The Epicor team took the time to really understand what we needed and came up with real workable solutions. Other software vendors were very rigid and wanted us to fit into the mould they had created.”

Extensive support for installed sales

Most of Annandale’s sales are contract-driven installed sales with material shipments and services scheduled into various stages of a project. “We are able to ship material to the job site as it’s needed and do proper margin analysis and job costing,” says Leonard. “But on the accounting side, we can invoice in a way that matches the customer contract. I don’t recall seeing anything as well developed in other software packages.”

“We also use the BisTrack Mobile Delivery application, which is great especially when we’re making large materials drops out at job sites,” says Leonard. “The drivers have tablets, so they capture signatures in the field and take a picture of the drop, and it’s instantly in the job file. We can resolve issues very quickly.”

Real-time manufacturing visibility

When asked about the impact having all facets of their company running on BisTrack software and sharing a central database, Leonard exclaims: “Oh my goodness, it’s been wonderful! There’s less redundant data entry. And it has really opened up better communication between our production areas and our purchasing group. Stock and order information is available in real time at your fingertips. We’re able to accomplish a lot more because it’s so much easier to research and have access to the information you need.”

“For our project managers, they can see any information about sales orders, what’s in stock, the schedule for their jobs,” Leonard continues. “They don’t even have to be in the office to get the information they need. They just log into BisTrack software remotely.”

“We also enjoy the ability to tailor the software to the specific needs of different users with SmartViews,” says Leonard. “We love SmartViews. Whether it’s a SmartView that appears on a user’s dashboard or one of the simple queries we do routinely, you can access your data even if you’re not a computer programmer.”

Users inspired to continuously improve

“A terrific user community comes along with the BisTrack software,” Leonard adds. “They’re very willing to share their knowledge and accomplishments, and help out if you have an issue. It says a lot about the solution that its users are so active and involved. It shows you that the software is so good that the users are excited about using it.”

“We feel great about what we have put in place,” she remarks. “There’s just so much potential and so much room for growth that we’re really excited for the future and really looking forward to continuing to build on the improvements we have already made.”

Success Highlights:


  • Centralized manufacturing and order management system improved operations at Annandale Millwork


  • Epicor® BisTrack™


  • Centralized manufacturing and order management system
  • Better inter-operation communication
  • Improved installed sales contract and margin management
  • More accurate job costing
  • Faster response times
  • Less redundant data entry