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Dalsin Industries

“The customer’s experience is the reason we’re here. Each and every time, we must provide them with products and services that meet or beat their expectations. Epicor has helped us evolve on how we keep up with our customers and put us in a great position to help us grow as we embrace the future of manufacturing.”  

Gary Fruth, chief executive officer | Dalsin Industries
PolyPortables, LLC

“This past year we were able to reduce our accounts receivable by over $1.5 million and a lot of that I attribute to this program, this software.”  

Ben Burford, Credit Manager | PolyPortables, LLC

ALP Supply

“We selected Epicor Prophet 21 for several reasons. When we looked at our business, we looked at the leaders in the industry. What does Amazon do? What does Grainger do? We felt if we wanted to grow our business, we were going to need to be at that level.”

Barry Fleck, Chief Executive Officer | ALP Supply

Traeger Grills

“Epicor is the foundation for our key business processes. It really hit the sweet spot by enabling us to scale our business for growth, while taking advantage of a wide variety of new vertical market opportunities. The system also reinforced the companywide adherence of strict traditional and proven business practices. This includes better tracking product sales, so we can more accurately manage our revenue stream and reporting. Everything from sales order management to supply chain fulfillment flows in and out of Epicor.” 

Ryan Newman, Vice President, IT | Traeger Grills
Lighting Services Inc

“Now that our product life cycles have shrunk considerably, we also have to move product development at a much quicker pace—and have the ability on the shop floor to apply technology in a way that is much more efficient and discreet in the way we manufacture, and Epicor ERP will allow us to embrace connectivity throughout our factory floor much easier.” 

Ken KaneExecutive Vice President | Lighting Services Inc.

Schaedler Yesco

 “I think one of the things that we’ve learned with the Eclipse system is, it’s never-ending what we can get involved in. We look at several hundred metrics on a monthly basis, and everything from sales to operations to inventory is visible with Eclipse. We’ve grown dramatically over the last 18 years and the software has grown with us.”

Matt Brnik, president | Schaedler Yesco

Fibrebond Corporation

“Epicor has been able to help us meet changing market demands by providing a tremendous amount of functionality and versatility to where I can pull together bill of materials a lot faster and more efficiently, allowing me to move along projects and meet deadlines quicker."

Gerald Smolenski, Bill of Materials Manager | Fibrebond
Pete’s Hardware Company

"Epicor has helped us keep the playing field level with some of the big-box competition. We are able to be more successful when we utilize the system properly, especially when it comes to controlling inventory and having accurate information, which also ties into growth."

Linda Roark, Owner | Pete’s Hardware Company

Burton Lumber

"We use BisTrack software soup to nuts on everything—from financials through to EDI—it’s the core of our business.”

Mark Burton, Director of Operations | Burton Lumber

Atlanta Light Bulbs


“Our growth strategy really entails using technology to win. For us, being a small company, we have to use our resources to the max. With Prophet 21, we can now open up our customer database, use the CRM module, and be able to really drive growth by expanding on our customer relationships and making sure we’re giving the finest customer service, because that’s what we think drives growth in our business."

Doug Root, President  | Atlanta Light Bulbs