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Carr Sales Company

“We’ve used Eclipse software to explore sales growth opportunities with prime customers, identify product line additions that resonated extremely well with clients based on prior purchases, and just generally improve operations through technical and operational efficiencies.”

Bruce Cudmore, purchasing and IT manager, Carr Sales Company

Moffatt & Powell RONA

“We added another branch, and we didn’t add any head office support. BisTrack software helps us work so efficiently that we simply absorbed that work.”

D’Arcy Quinn, Vice President | Moffatt & Powell RONA

Munch’s Supply

"As we grow, we know we’ll never have to worry about support. Eclipse has given us the confidence to transition any opportunity smoothly. They’ve been a great, reliable partner for 20 years and solidly entrenched in everything we do.

Bob Munch, Chief Executive Officer | Munch's Supply

National Standard Parts Associates

“Epicor is at the heart of what we do. Everything runs through it. As a result, we see information sooner, make timelier, cost-effective decisions, and develop processes that lower the time and expenses associated with each project.”

Angela Daly, Vice President of Finance | NSPA

Resource Building Materials

“The BisTrack system definitely helps us in our inventory management, and was especially helpful during the leaner years. We were able to reduce our inventory and went to a central purchasing model to help us keep our costs down, while still being able to give visibility and access to our branches.”

James Vreeke, Business Unit Leader | Resource Building Materials

Ryan Building Products (Ryan Seamless Gutter Systems)

"We’re all about service, service, service. We want to get a customer in, fulfill his order, and get him back out to his job. We went with BisTrack software because it is efficient and makes our jobs easier. It’s fantastic!”

Andy Reda, Sales Manager | Ryan Building Products

MH King Company

“Now, with Epicor Eagle software we also have better information available to determine markdowns and profit margins.”

Clinton Threlkeld, Information Systems Manager | King’s Variety Store

Zitomer Pharmacy

“In the first year of implementing Epicor solutions, better reporting helped us cut our inventory by 15 percent which improved our cash flow. We were able to free up approximately $100,000 in cash flow for our business.”

Frank Vella, Vice President | Zitomer Pharmacy

Star Building Materials

“Having better visibility has definitely helped us increase revenue and profitability.” 

Ken Crockett, Vice President of the Calgary Division | Star Building Materials

Kinnucan’s Specialty Outfitter

“We wouldn't have been able to go from seven to thirteen stores in that timeframe without Epicor Eagle-it's really been an integral part of our business.”

Bobby Lake, President | Kinnucan's Specialty Outfitters