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Kroll International, LLC

"From better inventory tracking to going paperless, fulfilling orders more accurately, and generating performance metrics, the overall efficiency of our warehouse operations has skyrocketed with Prophet 21.”

Trevor McDermott, IT Manager | Kroll International

Petitti Garden Centers

"Epicor Eagle software has been one of the best investments we’ve ever made and has helped us achieve nearly a 6% increase in earnings and approximately 25% increase in sales."

AJ Petitti, President | Petitti Garden Centers

Magnum Shooting Center

“The implementation process of the Epicor Eagle N Series system and the Epicor FFL Compliance Manager application is easy."

Todd Lockburner, Co-Owner and General Manager | Magnum Shooting Center

Epicor helps Romanian HVAC distributor reduce stress and increase responsiveness.
Epicor helps leading Romanian manufacturer improve efficiency when dealing with customers and suppliers.
Automotive Service Parts

“I’m seeing people who were hesitant to try new things before but who are now excited by what they’ve learned they can do with the Vision software. How do you put a value on that?” 

Gary Davis, VP and Co-Owner | Automotive Service Parts

Rylee’s Ace Hardware

"We gained upwards of 4.5 percent in margin from our outside vendors with Eagle Pricing Planner.”

Lori Terpstra, Owner and President | Rylee’s Ace Hardware

Olsen’s Grain, Inc.

“Epicor has provided the bridge to help us implement growth, as well as give us the necessary technology to monitor all our locations simultaneously.”

Michelle Gronek, General Manager and CFO | Olsen’s Grain, Inc.

Consolidated Gypsum and Roofing Supply

"We selected Epicor BisTrack software for its overall workflow, ease of use, and the business intelligence it offered.”

David Archutick, CFO | Consolidated Gypsum and Roofing Supply.

Oxford Feed & Lumber
“It used to take two days to receive 10-20 boxes. Now, with Epicor Eagle Mobile, it only takes two hours to receive that same quantity. It’s more efficient and much more accurate.”

Larry Drennen Jr., Owner | Oxford Feed & Lumber