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Portland Transmission Warehouse

“It’s hard to put a dollar amount on the value that Eagle has provided us, but I know for a fact that we’re more efficient and we save money. We’re able to get more for our products than we probably would otherwise, because we’re able to manage pricing controls, stay on top of supplier pricing, and respond to it quicker. There are just a myriad of ways it’s helped us.”  

Ross Bradshaw, President | Portland Transmission Warehouse

Bountiful Acres

“ Our goals for the Epicor solutions are abundant, but we are focused on improving efficiency, profits, inventory control, and customer loyalty. We are just at the tip of the iceberg, but are beginning to uncover the benefits.”

Andy Eckhoff, General Manager | Bountiful Acres

Cohn & Gregory

Prophet 21 has done a fantastic job of constantly providing our employees with timely access to information exactly when needed. It’s also given us the capacity to operate like a much larger organization and differentiate ourselves from the competition through the accuracies afforded through this technology. We have a very aggressive growth plan and Prophet 21 is fundamental to achieving those goals.

Scott Mahaffey, President | Cohn & Gregory
A Few Cool Hardware Stores

“To date, we’ve been able to free up $200,000 in cash flow, and significantly altered our inventory management processes. On top of that, we’ve seen our revenue grow by 5.2 percent.”

Marc Friedman, Owner | A Few Cool Hardware Stores

Ellis Home and Garden

“We can clearly see that since implementing Epicor solutions our margins have improved significantly. We’ve increased our year-to-date gross profit by 2.2 percent. In addition, our inventory value has been reduced by about 15 percent.”

Derek Ellis, CEO | Ellis Home and Garden

Card-Monroe Corporation

“Epicor is ideal for small to medium size manufacturing companies like us with mixed mode manufacturing and small IT support staffs. Epicor has been so responsive. They have been there throughout the process to help. It’s nice working with a customer-centric group like Epicor.”

Rick Howard, Plant Manager | Card-Monroe
UFP Technologies

“Epicor provided a much faster, simpler and streamlined way to share information and best practices among all our plants. The silos that existed between our companies have been removed. The duplication of information listed under variable headings is gone. Definitions and calculations are the same. For the first time, we have the ability to act on extremely reliable information integrated from all the different companies.”

John Bailey, chief executive officer | UFP Technologies

Five Star Plumbing & Fire Supplies

From inventory to customer service, just about everything has improved as a result of the Eclipse solution. We now have access to better, more informed decisions across the company; we rely less on printed reports; and we have better access to the information from virtually anywhere within the company.

Ed Novshad, Chief Financial Officer and Founding Partner | Five Star Plumbing & Fire Supplies
Alamo Ace Hardware and Garden Center
Moving from ECi RockSolid POS® to Epicor Eagle N Series software improves business management
Metal-Tech Partners

"Security, reliability, functionality, and cost were our prime concerns. Epicor met all these criteria."

Caleb Wolf, IT and Plant Manager, Metal-Tech Partners