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Epicor® provides a new approach to the way enterprise resource planning or ERP systems and business software solutions are designed, built, and used. We've redefined ERP software to maximize productivity in every area of your organization, through mobility, collaboration, simplicity, responsiveness, and choice. ERP is the tool that can inspire your company to innovate and think differently about your business, so that you can ultimately deliver inspiration to your customers. Epicor ERP is business software.


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Epicor ERP Demo and Virtual Tour
Explore ERP software that reduces complexity and inspires business growth.

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ERP Software Solution Center
Discover 5 key principles that will enhance your relationship with ERP.


Distribution Software

Epicor provides distribution software solutions which offer a full range of order management, supply chain, and warehousing capabilities. With more than four decades of experience in distribution and more than 7,000 distributors using an Epicor solution, we are one of the leading technology partners for the distribution industry. Read more about our distribution offerings, including Epicor Prophet 21, Epicor Eclipse, and Epicor ERP.

For distributors involved in the automotive aftermarket Epicor provides Epicor Vision and Epicor Eagle for the Aftermarket.

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Epicor Distribution Solution Center
Learn more about the comprehensive distribution solutions that Epicor provides to thousands of distributors around the globe.

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Aberdeen ERP in Wholesale Distribution
Access Aberdeen Group information
and insights on ERP for wholesale distributors.


From recruiting and on-boarding new talent to fostering careers through talent management programs, award-winning Epicor HCM helps you drive process improvements from the front line. Epicor HCM gives professionals the tools to track, manage and analyze employee information, and frees them to focus on the human resources projects that directly impact company growth instead of often-repeated manual tasks.


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Epicor Human Capital Management Overview Brochure
Learn more about the comprehensive HCM solutions that Epicor provides to thousands of companies worldwide.

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Eliminate Performance Anxiety: Manage Employee Performance Better
Discover how great performance management will optimize your workforce today and in the future.

Retail Software

More than 5,000 of the world’s leading retailers use award-winning Epicor retail software to become more profitable and competitive. Our retail solutions enable retailers to meet the evolving merchandise and service expectations of today’s cross-channel shoppers. Epicor delivers comprehensive POS systems and enterprise retail systems to regional chains and multichannel global brands so that your customers become inspired by and loyal to your brands.


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Retail Software -
Virtual Tour

Take the retail and POS system virtual tour and discover how to improve retail business operations.

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IHL Report on Top POS Systems Providers
Learn why Epicor was Named Number One POS Software Vendor for Specialty Softgoods Retailers by Independent Research Firm

See Epicor in action! Interactive tours, knowledge webcasts, videos and tradeshows worldwide

Learn more about Epicor next-generation ERP technology and the innovative funcionality it offers.

Explore the Epicor Retail Tour to learn how it can improve operations and sales.

See the Epicor ERP product in action. Dive into the benefits ERP brings for your industry.

Success Stories

Dunn Lumber
Dunn Lumber upgraded from Advantage to Epicor BisTrack to be able to maintain its traditional competitive advantage in the market place—superior customer service.
Industrias Estra S.A.
“The quality of the system, real-time information management, performance metrics, ease of use, and the continuous improvement opportunities since using the system, are just some of the reasons why I would recommend Mattec."
Athletica Sport Systems
Within the first 16 months of implementing Epicor, Athletica calculated a $225,000 return on investment (ROI).
Manufacturas Estampadas S.A. (Manesa)
“Epicor ERP was the best choice mainly because they fulfilled the company expectations, in addition to being affordably priced”
Revere Electric Supply Co.
Epicor help introduce a solution for inbound order processing that will better serve customers who do not have the resources to implement EDI.
SoyuzBaltComplect Co. Ltd.
Epicor iScala provides an intuitive, convenient interface which is easy to understand and use by any employee, regardless of their position within the company.
Energizer Thailand Ltd
Energizer Thailand Ltd. was established in 1996 to distribute a broad category of household and personal care products. With the Epicor solution, Energizer improved productivity and overall management of resources.
GF AgieCharmilles (Asia)
With Epicor, GF AgieCharmilles streamlined their operations and improved sales planning and customer service.
Sino Corporation
Sino’s IT manager likes the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that Epicor is built on as it provides the flexibility, reliability, and scalability that fit Sino’s requirements now and into the future.
Regency Lighting
Implementing Epicor Tax Connect has considerably simplified sales tax compliance at Regency Lighting. “On the whole, it has been working well,” states Martel. “Now we don’t have to maintain the paperwork, tax rate percentages, dates of applicability, reporting and filing for every jurisdiction into which we sell.”
Vaagen Brothers Lumber
“LumberTrack v10 builds upon a strong history and proven platform, and provides a new level of customizability almost unheard of in the industry. You can customize the screen displays just for you—just for your login.”
International Beams (Poutrelles Internationales)
“I would refer LumberTrack to any lumber mills in Quebec. Many of them are our suppliers, and I would like to see them on LumberTrack”
Customer Success

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