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  • Supplier Relationship Management Software

    SRM Software

    From strategic sourcing to procurement, from supplier enablement to user adoption, everything you need to build your supplier relationship management (SRM) strategy is available from Epicor.

    Sourcing Solutions

    Sourcing is the most important, value-added activity that purchasing professionals perform. It requires a wide range of skills and subject matter expertise, as well as an inordinate amount of time gathering and comparing offerings from multiple suppliers. Automating those tasks allows buyers to focus more time and energy on strategic activities.

    Procurement Software

    • Integrate strategic sourcing, dynamic pricing, and complex auctioning capabilities
    • Buy, sell, or source direct and indirect materials, goods, services, or spot purchases
    • Maximise savings by automating the process of negotiating the optimal combination of suppliers, products, services, and prices

    Procurement Solutions

    Allowing users to create requisitions 24/7 from any location while improving purchasing controls may seem like a paradox, but not with Epicor Procurement. Our procurement solution leverages the success of the purchasing team in negotiating contracts and establishing policies across the enterprise.

    Procurement Software

    • The convenience and efficiency of employee self-service
    • Automated workflow for accelerating approvals
    • Seamless integration with back office applications
    • Total control of catalogue management and policy enforcement
    • A strategic approach to building collaborative supplier relationships
    • Cost savings that immediately contribute to the bottom line

    Epicor SRM delivers reach, speed, and control — all in one solution. Get better control over who buys what and when, with less work on everyone's part.

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