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International Rubber Company
“Epicor ERP has enabled us to implement more robust and efficient internal procedures that have had a direct impact on cost control and shortened lead times without compromising on product quality.”

Muhammad Irfan Manda, IT manager | IRC
Government of Tanzania
Epicor ERP helps Government of Tanzania manage income and expenditure to streamline processes and improve efficiencies.
Bowman Gilfillan
"Bowman Gilfillan selected the Epicor solution because it offers a proven system that can be rolled out yearly without reinventing the wheel which saves a great deal of man hours. It also ensures the business maintains a firm grasp on its operational expenses. With the seamless integration to the Practice Management System (3E), the finance team can manage variances between budget and actuals."  

Grant Karolus, chief financial officer | Bowman Gilfillan
Allied Mobile
"Epicor ERP is flexible, scalable and offers a licensing model that we can work with. It tracks anything by serial number, so we can run our business centrally across multiple geographical locations ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction."

Ewan McCulloch, General Manager IT | Allied Communications
"Epicor ITSM enables us to meet all of our customer's detailed reporting requirements and effectively manage service calls to ensure our customers enjoy world-class service."

Craig Cockburn, Chief Executive Officer | Zeag
Socabelec East Africa Ltd
"Epicor ERP offers an inspiring solution with critical functionality to enable us to carry out detailed budgeting and support project management."

Olivier Lauvaux, managing director for Socabelec East Africa Ltd
Maxweld and Braze
"Epicor is the perfect fit for our business and provides for future growth. It facilitates transparency and establishes proven processes to streamline our business."

Sue Kaplan, IT Manager | Weldamax Group
Mabani Steel
"Epicor ERP generates very detailed reports to support strategic decision making and planning processes. This greatly reduces the risks associated with large projects because it helps us to accurately plan workfl ows and measure profitability."

Salman Moin, IT Manager | Mabani Steel
Knightsbridge Chemicals
"Epicor ERP has become an integral part of our business. It makes customer satisfaction simple and facilitates global expansion with strategic decision-making based on firm data."  

Erik Link, CEO | Knightsbridge Chemicals
"Epicor makes it possible for us to slice and dice business intelligence data so that we can accurately manage resources and see our helpdesk from all angles."  

Pedro Maia, IT Manager | AxizWorkgroup