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Hotels, resorts, and casinos around the world have chosen Epicor products to be at the core of their company’s infrastructure because of the flexibility and scalability they provide for business growth. As your business expands, you can rely on Epicor for solutions and global support, whether you are opening location number three, 10 or 310.

Epicor for Hospitality is a global enterprise resource planning software solution designed for hospitality organisations. The solution goes beyond traditional ERP to provide financial management, business intelligence, and more. Our hotel management software, resort software, and casino management software all provide integrated solutions to help achieve maximum efficiency within your business.

Resort Software Solutions

  • Interfaces to automatically synchronise data with your labour, property management, point-of-sale, or food costing systems, providing accurate and timely data without the hassle and security risks involved in manual updates.
  • Sophisticated multi-company functionality that makes managing transactions between locations simple and easy.
  • Ability to consolidate reports for all entities at the corporate level and the flexibility to track financials for multi-concept operations.
  • Unparallelled reporting and analytical functionality including OLAP, data warehousing, dashboards and alerts.

Casino Management Software

With award-winning integrated applications, Epicor for Hospitality is a powerful, flexible business software solution that provides the flexibility and scalability you need to grow your company profitably by optimising your most important resources. Our hotel management software, resort software, and casino management software provide best-in-class solutions for the hospitality industry.

Have questions about our Hotel Management Software Solutions? Please call us at +1-800-999-6995, chat with a specialist, or send us an email.

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