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  • Drive Efficiencies and Improve Margins

    Process Manufacturing Software

    Today’s process manufacturers are employing ingenuity, agility and technology to succeed in an ever-evolving environment of regulatory requirements and consumer trends. Gains in productivity and reduction in time to market are key concerns. Epicor has flexible software solutions that enable you to improve the efficiency of your supply chain and as well as increase visibility and end-to-end traceability.

    • Manage your entire business processes end-to-end from time of order through production and delivery
    • Improve yield and quality in recipe-based manufacturing
    • Accommodate rapid changes in customer and consumer trends to maximize sales growth and ensure customer satisfaction
    • Plan and control stock, production, planning and distribution
    • Manage, maintain, and improve production accurately and in real time
    • Meet tough regulatory standards where origin and use of every ingredient has to be recorded
    • Forecast demand pull scheduling and cost allocation across co-products and by-products


    Leading Philippino animal nutrition and heath product supplier,
    JetBest, chooses Epicor ERP solution to streamline business
    processes and support growth plans.

    Get More out of Your Manufacturing Operations
    With Epicor Process Manufacturing ERP

    Epicor Informance

    Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) overview.
    All Downtime Is Not Equal

    Understand the financial impact of downtime and loss categories.

    Business of Manufacturing White Paper

    Learn how to improve your production efficiency with a manufacturing execution system.

    Leading Process Manufacturing Software Solutions

    Epicor process manufacturing software offers industry-specific focus, visionary innovation, and unprecedented functionality for process manufacturers.

    Epicor ERP

    Epicor ERP addresses the real-world challenges companies face as they look to grow in today’s global economy.

    Epicor Informance EMI

    Gain actionable insight into manufacturing improvement opportunities for your plant or entire enterprise

    Epicor Mattec MES

    Answer your toughest manufacturing questions with Mattec MES production control software.

    See How Epicor is Helping Other Process Manufacturers
    Improve Operations and Compete Globally

    "Real-time data and measurement with Epicor Informance is the catalyst for our plant's excellent performance. Now we consistently run in the mid to high 70 percent OEE, sometimes close to 80 percent. We're breaking records every month."

    Levi Leake, Plant Manager,

    “The Informance system's dramatic impact on the plant's efficiency has improved direct labor performance and influenced savings in overtime reduction. With Informance we have the information we need to help us run the plant more efficiently.”

    Mike Larkin, Director of Operations, Lightlife Foods

    “We’ve found the Epicor Informance solution to be very effective and user-friendly. The system has enabled us to increase our production output by helping us find more capacity on our production lines. We can capture and analyze information a lot quicker to help reduce critical downtime issues like major and minor stops."

    Roy Simpson, Manufacturing Excellence Change Agent Coordinator,
    The Old Bushmills Distiller

  • Manufacturing Blog

    • Q&A with Market Researcher Taylor Short, Software Advice
      To thrive, manufacturers in today’s accelerating global markets must master the management of change. In fact, organizations using a manufacturing execution system (MES) are proving to be a powerful tactic to ensure that decision makers receive the information they need quickly, accurately, and on demand. This helps provide the intelligence needed to understand and manage change.

    • Epicor Recognized in Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence and Manufacturing ERP Solutions Providers
      In 2017, manufacturers are entering new unchartered territory. And what’s needed to navigate this new world is manufacturing intelligence. This is the premise of industry commentary from Epicor CEO Joe Cowan which was featured in Manufacturing Tech Insights. Epicor was recently named one of the Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers and Top 10 Manufacturing ERP Solutions Providers by the publication.

    • Reflecting on 2016: Marvel Manufacturing Award Winner
      As we end the calendar year of 2016, we wanted to highlight our Wisconsin based customer, Marvel Manufacturing. Founded in 1904, the company introduced the first vertical tilt-frame band saw in 1917 and remains the leader in the vertical tilt frame market. 

    • We Have the Data…Now What?
      Technology advances in manufacturing have made data accessible in a way that it has never been before. Information can be collected in real time in points throughout the manufacturing process. The issue now is what to do with all of that data—how can you take this information that has been collected and turn it into actionable insights?

    • How Leading Manufacturing Organizations Select ERP to Support Their Growth Strategies

      According to Aberdeen’s Business Management and ERP Study, the number one challenge facing today’s manufacturers is "managing growth expectations": As organizations grow, they are faced with more complex operations and decisions, are exposed to more competitors, and incur increased costs that must be minimized. In cases such as these, manufacturers should rely on their technology environment and access to accurate data in order to do much of the heavy lifting.

    • How to Eliminate Inefficiency to Propel Your Growth—and Protect Your Brand
      As a manufacturer, you understand that to grow in today’s competitive global markets means that your business must operate with increasing efficiency. However, this can quickly lead to a catch-22 situation that perhaps you’ve experienced: while you’re working to become more efficient to drive growth, unplanned growth happens—such as surprise surges in demand that you just weren’t prepared for. And suddenly, you find that your operations are overwhelmed and becoming less efficient instead of more so.

    • Manufacturers Struggling with Millennial Supply and Demand Issues
      In discussions about the future workforce, there’s no question millennials are the "force" to be reckoned with. PwC predicts millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce by 2025.

    • ERP Selection Tips for Make-to-Stock Manufacturers
      A make-to-stock manufacturing company that builds discrete products for inventory faces key business challenges.  In this environment, finished products are manufactured and shipped based on demand forecasts issued by the customer base, therefore it is critical to accurately forecast customer demand and create inventory replenishment plans.

    • The Dangers of Unplanned Growth
      Profitable growth is a hallmark of a thriving business. When growth goes according to plan, it can feel like you’re sailing along the high seas in a magnificent ocean liner that can’t fail. But how about when growth doesn’t go according to plan or when it’s fueled by surprise surges in demand? In sharp contrast to planned growth, unplanned growth can be daunting and overwhelming—like bailing water out of a sinking ship. 

    • How Manufacturers Can Successfully Manage the Complexities of Growth
      It’s simple: you want your business to be profitable, and growth can lead to increased profitability. However, the reality of growing your business is anything but simple.

  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of manufacturers and are available in the cloud, hosted, or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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