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  • Rubber and Plastics ERP Software

    Epicor® understands that for manufacturers working with plastics and rubbers, the variety of composite materials, the variety of products currently being produced, and the rapid change in development of new products all come together to demand greater agility within the organization.
    Epicor plastic injection molding software enables all types of plastic and rubber manufacturers (including extruders, injection molders, thermoformers, and film and bag makers) to tighten delivery schedules, manage raw materials, reduce excess inventory, and increase profits.


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    An Industry-Specific ERP Solution: Epicor for Rubber and Plastics Manufacturers

    Embedded Scheduling and Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionality designed to help you meet your customers’ demands.
    Material requirements planning (MRP) tools help manage the ever-increasing array of plastics that you work on.
    Epicor MRP tools can forecast parts requirements, adjust production as forecasts change, and generate suggested purchase orders to fill anticipated gaps in your raw material inventory.
    Support for release accounting through use of demand management and purchase contracts.
    Closely manage the costing of each production run, including part-based and run-based reporting.
    A fully integrated real-time Manufacturing Execution System (Mattec MES) specifically designed for Rubber & Plastics manufacturers.
    Automatic production and scrap reporting, operational scheduling and in-cycle process parameter monitoring of things such as heat, pressure, etc. to improve product quality.
    Epicor Social Enterprise brings together contributions from across the organization and the value chain and supports a collaborative environment for improved quality and innovation to reduce costs in this competitive industry.
    Embedded robust quality management provides a foundation for meeting product quality standards and cost reductions across your entire enterprise.
    Supports stringent traceability requirements for serial and/or lot controls and component manufacturer identification.
    Complete visibility with a comprehensive end-to-end solution containing embedded dashboards.

    Learn More about ERP Software for Rubber and Plastics Manufacturers

    Epicor ERP
    A comprehensive ERP software solution available on premises or in the cloud.
    Epicor Mattec
    Production control software providing instant monitoring and control.
    A comprehensive ERP software solution available on premises or in the cloud.
    Production control software providing instant monitoring and control.

    Contact Epicor to learn why thousands of manufacturers trust Epicor to provide ERP software designed for their industry. Epicor for Rubber and Plastics is an industry-specific ERP software solution which is uniquely positioned with cross-industry functionality to meet the strict guidelines of many industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial machine, medical device, electronics, and more.

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