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    Epicor® believes that flexibility is required to thrive in the electronics, semiconductor, and electrical equipment business. Amid a global, increasingly regulated and competitive landscape, and customers' changing demands, you must stay one step ahead in terms of product innovation quality, manufacturing costs, and on-time deliveries. Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for the electronics and high tech industries can help you adapt quickly and maintain market leadership. Our ERP solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing technology infrastructure.

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    An Industry-Specific ERP Solution: Epicor for Electronics and High Tech

    A comprehensive solution for mixed-mode, engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, and configure-to-order to meet the complete breadth of manufacturing requirements of the electronic and high tech industry.
    Demand planning and forecasting to minimize obsolescence and comprehensive support for Kanban helps you deliver on your lean manufacturing goals.
    Epicor Social Enterprise brings together contributions from across the organization and the value chain and supports a collaborative environment for improved innovation to get products to the market faster which is critical to success in this competitive industry.
    Embedded robust quality management provides a foundation for meeting product quality standards and cost reductions across your entire enterprise. Supports stringent traceability requirements for serial and/or lot controls and component manufacturer identification.
    Product lifecycle management (PLM) solution serves as a central knowledge repository for process and product history, promoting visibility, integration, and data exchange among all enterprise users who interact with products.
    Integrations with 2-D CAD, 3-D CAD, E-CAD, and electrical CAD software.
    Complete framework for compliance with regulatory and industry standards including RoHS, WEEE, ISO, automotive (TS), aerospace (AS), and FDA (21CFR11) requirements.
    Epicor for Electronics and High Tech offers comprehensive financial and multisite capabilities coupled with global presence to meet your company's requirements to meet global accounting standards, reporting requirements and regulations.

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    Contact Epicor to learn why thousands of manufacturers trust Epicor to provide ERP software designed for their industry. Epicor for Electronics and High Tech is an industry-specific ERP software solution which is uniquely positioned with cross-industry functionality to meet the strict guidelines of many industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial machine, medical device, electronics, and more.

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