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    Construction and Engineering Software

    The Engineering and Construction industry is an ever-shifting industry sector, marked by cycles of growth and decline, and, most recently, acquisition and consolidation. Experts are optimistic, and claim that engineering and construction firms will make increasing investments in new technologies for more efficient operations and to compete in the global market. Epicor has the software solutions you need to differentiate your business and meet or exceed market demand.

    • Complete visibility of project based resources including assets, inventory, materials and labor.
    • Comprehensive project management, including multilevel work breakdown structures, robust resource scheduling, and effective contract management.
    • Accurate, timely billing of project costs through seamless collection of time, material, and expense transactions.
    • Efficient bid management through embedded customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities including visibility of historical bids.
    • Flexible, strong revenue recognition capabilities including profitability tracking and margin control.
    • Comprehensive asset management, which improves reliability and reduces costs to maintain equipment.

    "The savings we achieved through the Epicor ERP solution have been tremendous.”

    Tracey Gregory, CFO and VP of Finance,
    Insul-Serve Management Ltd.

    "With Epicor ERP, we now manufacture items faster due to the enhanced ability to forecast customer buyer trends…"

    Rob Dailey, IT Manager,
    National Door Industries, Inc.

    Grow Your Business With
    Epicor Construction and Engineering Software

    An industry-specific ERP solution that integrates seamlessly
    into your existing technology infrastructure.

    Epicor ERP Manufacturing Overview

    Epicor ERP
    Manufacturing Overview

    Explore the functionality that helps manufacturers solve business challenges.

    Epicor ERP Virtual Tour & Demo

    Epicor ERP
    Virtual Tour & Demo

    Explore the ERP features that enhance company performance.

    Simplifying the Ever-Changing Business of Manufacturing

    Simplifying the
    Ever-Changing Business
    of Manufacturing

    Learn how the right ERP can help make your business more successful.

    Helping Construction and Engineering Businesses
    Drive Expansion and Profitability

    Epicor Cloud ERP

    Leading companies choose cloud to focus on core business growth while improving security, business continuity, and collaboration.

    Epicor ERP

    Epicor ERP addresses the real-world challenges companies face as they look to grow in today’s global economy.

    Epicor Mattec MES

    To remain competitive in the evolving manufacturing industry, businesses must find ways to reduce waste and increase operational efficiency. Responsive MES can help transform your operations.

    Learn How Other Customers Have Grown With
    Epicor for Construction and Engineering

    "Architecture more than anything put Epicor over the top. Our old systems eventually became quite labor-intensive and difficult to change. The ability to specify individual processes without modifying any underlying infrastructure is huge for us."

    Al Sussman, Chief Information Officer,
    Apogee Enterprises, Inc.

    "The savings we achieved through the Epicor ERP solution have been tremendous. Through the enhanced ability to cross-reference our materials with order histories, we were able to reduce our inventory by 10 percent within the first six months of implementation. This has allowed us to pre-order 40 percent of our raw material and negotiate lower prices with vendors, resulting in significant cost savings and discounts."

    Tracey Gregory, CFO and VP of Finance,
    Insul-Serve Management Ltd.

    “We have always prided ourselves on shipping most orders the same day. Before, we had to have tons of inventory on the shelf just in case. With Epicor ERP, we now manufacture items faster due to the enhanced ability to forecast customer buyer trends… We’ve even been able to tie our manufacturing process to the seasonal demands of customers. This has enabled us to remove a ridiculous amount of unneeded inventory from our shelves.”

    Rob Dailey, IT Manager,
    National Door Industries, Inc.

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  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of manufacturers and are available in the cloud, hosted, or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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