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    November 14, 2017 - Boot Camps

    BisTrack Business Intelligence – From BI Zero to BI Hero in one day

    This full day boot camp is designed for those who are new to smart views and dashboards. It’s a hands-on training course. Bring your own laptop and a connection to your own data and find out how to make your BisTrack Business Intelligence sing. Our BisTrack BI experts are ready to help you become a BI Hero.

    BisTrack Kits – Becoming a Kit Master

    This half day boot camp is hands-on training for those that want to understand BisTrack Kits and be able to create and maintain their own kits. Our BisTrack Kit experts are ready to turn you into your company’s Kit Master.

    LumberTrack Boot camps coming soon.

    November 15 & 16 – User Conference Tracks

    • Finance/GP Track
    • Sales - CRM, quote acceptance, call offs, max POS speed, pricing, installed sales
    • Operations - Inventory, Stock Count, GMROI, suggested ordering
    • Technical, BI, Reporting, and Add-ons

    Featured sessions to look out for:

    • Tracking inventory
    • Inventory analytics
    • Customer stratification

  • Agenda