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Epicor® understands that as medical device manufacturer, your success depends on your ability to manufacture superior products. You must follow closely controlled processes to develop and manufacture products that meet the strictest quality standards.

Epicor for Medical Devices is a global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution designed for organizations that manufacture medical devices. The solution goes beyond traditional ERP to provide financial management, product management, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) and more.

Providing Solutions to Meet Your Business Challenges

  • Trace a product's life cycle - from design through manufacture to post-sale
  • Leverage a central knowledge repository for process and product history with our robust product lifecycle management (PLM) solution
  • Integrate with 2-D CAD, 3-D CAD and E-CAD solutions
  • Rely on a framework for compliance with regulatory and industry standards, including the FDA (21CFR11) requirements
  • Improve lead times and reduce waste through implementation of lean strategies
  • Strengthen inventory and warehouse management with use of barcode technology
  • Improve visibility with our comprehensive end-to-end solution designed for companies like yours

With award-winning integrated applications, Epicor for Medical Devices is a powerful, flexible business software solution that provides the flexibility and scalability you need to grow your company profitably by optimizing your most important resources.

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