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Success Story Title

"The software was so intelligent that the whole process took only ten weeks, and once installed, Epicor was easy for our staff to use."

Toon Meeuws, Head of Logistics

FARAD S.A. Heat Exchangers

“Regardless of the production model, ATC and Epicor ERP can provide a personalized and scalable integrated solution that helps users gain focus on planning and managing resources, both within and across location and company boundaries”

Stelios Koutsoukos, Sales Manager, ATC.

“iScala 3.0 gives us everything we need. It allows us to function as one business entity and lets us share information quickly, informing business decisions. We anticipate that because of our new standardised methodology and knowledgesharing approach, we will be able to continue to take our business from strength to strength.”

Penio Penev, IT Solutions Manager | Amiantit
Southco Mattec
"Bei der Berechnung der Kosten, die wir durch Einführung des Systems in Großbritannien erzielten konnten, kommen wir derzeit auf einen Nettogewinn von insgesamt 700.000 USDollar. Das ist eine ziemlich hohe Rendite für unsere Investition."

Tobi Parker, Produktionstechniker | Southco, Inc.
intimus International GmbH
"Die Transparenz entlang der Wertschöpfungskette und aktive Unterstützung durch Epicor ERP führen zu einer deutlich höheren Produktivität, die es sehr viel einfacher macht, Anforderungen wie Liefertermintreue und schlanke Lagerhaltung zu realisieren."

Marko Dietenberger, Vice President Operations | intimus International GmbH
Global Hyatt Corporation
"Das sind immer Leute, die bereits lange Jahre Erfahrung mit dem Produkt haben, aber vor allem auch wissen, wie die Hotelleute ticken."

Wolfgang P. Baermann, Assistant Director of Finance | Global Hyatt Corporation
Companion Systems
"Since the migration to Epicor, we have nearly tripled our sales volume and have been able to manage the increased data flow without any problems." Jason Hepworth, Controller | Companion Systems
American Time
"Epicor ERP is an incredibly dynamic solution that does virtually everything we ask of it. Most importantly, the system enabled us to tie together the triangle featuring the relationships among our company, contractors, and end users in one extremely accessible, easy-to-use reporting format. This has allowed us to identify sales patterns that opened the door to new deals and sales opportunities." Roger Leung, Purchasing Manager | American Time
SHL Group
"Epicor service is simple and direct, allowing us to focus on our demanding operations more effectively and attentively. Our final success with Epicor ERP can be attributed not just to the company's international background, but to its ability to support SHL's demand for business integration across regions." Ake Karlson, Managing Director of SHL Healthcare | SHL Group
Boers and Co
"By supporting a wide range of Quick Response Manufacturing processes Epicor ERP 10 provides greater flexibility which has helped us to significantly reduce our lead-times. Through being able to react much faster than ever before we have cut the time it takes us to deliver parts from eight weeks down to just three weeks." Ronald Koot, CEO | Boers & Co FineMetalworking Group