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    Improve Customer Service and Supply Chain Performance with a Solution Built for Distributors

    Distribution Software

    Epicor helps distributors grow in today’s highly-competitive markets using the latest technologies and a half-century of distribution experience.

    • Discover the deep value and low-risk of an experienced distribution system provider.
    • Touch more customers, increase profitability, and engage employees with cloud or on-premises options.
    • Get all the things that distributors love in an integrated end-to-end solution for small to mid-sized distributors
    • Differentiate your business with new customer value—ecommerce, kits and assemblies, progress payments, mobile showrooms and delivery, and special pricing.

    “With Prophet 21 solution, we’ve grown our business by at least 25 percent without any increases in staff. We process transactions more efficiently, and can pull just about any information we need very easily.”

    John Thornton, President | GS Global Resources  

    “We could not have accomplished this [growth] so easily without Epicor Eclipse. Every time I do something new with Eclipse, it saves me time and money. It's so versatile; anything we want it to do, it will do.”

    Mark Temple, President, Johnstone Supply of Tulsa  

    Learn How Epicor Helps Distributors Reach New, Industry-Leading Levels of Business Performance

    Epicor Prophet21 Wholesale Distribution Software - Virtual Tour  

    Epicor Prophet 21 Virtual Tour  

    Learn how Prophet 21 works and how it can enhance your business.

    Epicor Eagle Retail Software - Virtual Tour  

    Epicor Eclipse Virtual Tour  

    Explore the powerful capabilities of Eclipse, built specifically for distributors.

    Growing a Modern, Integrated Distributor  

    Growing a Modern, Integrated Distributor  

    Get this white paper which presents an integrated approach to organic growth


    Epicor Best-in-Class Distribution Software

    Reach New Customers and Increase Productivity with Business Capabilities Built for Distributors.

    Epicor Prophet 21

    Streamline your business processes with a proven solution for today’s dynamic industrial suppliers.

    Epicor Eclipse

    An end-to-end business system with built-in productivity for construction-oriented distributors.

    Epicor Commerce Connect

    Reach new customers and deliver more information with efficient, fully-integrated ecommerce services.

    See Why Leading Distributors Rely on Epicor to Grow Their Business

    Success Story T J Snow Company  
    T.J. Snow Company

    "If we had not switched to Prophet 21, I don't know that we would have weathered the economic downturn. Efficiencies we created with Epicor and their products made it possible for us to survive." ystem is really extensible.”

    David Hetzler, President, T.J. Snow Company, Inc.

    JGuillen's Enterprises  
    Guillen's Enterprises

    “In the first year after implementation, we increased sales by 12 percent. In addition, since going live, I firmly believe Eclipse has improved our overall productivity by 80 percent. Everyone from our 85-yearold bookkeeper to our 17-year-old inventory person easily grasped the Eclipse system and now raves about its use.”

    Veronica Guillen-Simon, Vice President, Guillen's Enterprises, Inc.

    Central Wholesalers  
    Central Wholesalers

    "Epicor understands distribution. They get it…and that's why Prophet 21 works."

    David Baxley, Executive Vice President, Central Wholesalers, Inc.

  • Distribution Blog

    • See Epicor Prophet 21 in Action: New Customer Onsite Video
      The Epicor Prophet 21 solution has helped T.J. Snow Company Inc. achieve real-time inventory and increased efficiencies while serving both sides of the business.

    • New Customer Testimonial Video: Learn How a Premier Johnstone Distributor Excels with Epicor Eclipse
      “Even with $25 million in inventory, we pride ourselves on 99.99 percent inventory accuracy,” Don notes. “That is phenomenal.”

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      In our last post regarding Microsoft Excel (on April 1), we demonstrated how to manipulate data in a list of customer names.

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    • 5 Mistakes Distributors Make in Selecting ERP

      With the immense changes the distribution industry has undergone and continues to face today, there are mistakes that you as a wholesaler simply can’t afford to make. Certainly, one of these—perhaps the greatest of all in our technology-driven age—is choosing the wrong ERP for your business. 

    • Upgrading Your Inside Sales Customer Service Teams Part 4: MS Excel Tips
      Continuing our discussion on how to improve upon our employee skillset, let’s review Microsoft Excel.  This is quite possibly the most important tool in the Microsoft line of products, because it allows anyone with a basic understanding of some Excel tools to analyze, manipulate and comprehend data. Because knowledge is power, Excel can empower your workforce to be more analytical, and thus more capable of making decisions on actionable data.

    • Analyzing Your Risks for Business Success

      We manage risk in our personal lives from issuing car insurance to dental cleaning, in hopes to reduce the consequences of potential unwelcome events. No one wants car accidents or dental problems, right?

      Yet what we often fail to do is identify and manage risk in a business environment, similarly as we recognize risk in our private lives. More often than not, companies do not investigate everything that could impact their business, but rather, look only at the obvious areas of risk. They need to engage in proper risk management.

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    • Upgrading Your Inside Sales & Customer Service Teams
      As business professionals, no matter the industry, when we are looking for efficiency, additional sales opportunities and better ways to do business, we usually look to upgrade our system (e.g., implementation of ERP, CRM, etc.), or our processes.

  • Epicor solutions deliver the unique business and operational capabilities that distributors need - in Cloud, hosted, and on-premises versions. You will better manage your future and help your customers grow.

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