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  • Distribution Software for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Allied Products

  • Chemical ERP

    For companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and allied products, it can be difficult to efficiently manage day-to-day operations while also staying up-to-date on material requirements planning (MRP), changing regulations, increasing competition, and industry globalization.

    The proper distribution software can help such verticals as drugs and biotechnology, chemicals, cosmetics, paints, adhesives, crop protection, food production, and beverage production reduce operation costs while improving customer service and order fulfillment performance. Not all distribution software systems are the same, however.

    Distribution Software Systems for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products

    The Epicor® fully integrated distribution ERP software and material requirements planning (MRP) software solutions help meet the strategic and logistical challenges chemical and pharmaceutical companies face by minimizing duplicate data entry, reconciliation, and the need for integration products. The Epicor specialized distribution software systems for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries provide a single point of access for sales related data, manufacturing information, material requirements planning, purchase records, and quality documentation. Our distribution technology allows companies in these industries more control over business performance.

    Epicor has worked closely with its clients in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and allied products industries to identify and strengthen the following specific areas that require extra diligence due to regulations governing these industries:

    • Quality control
    • Batch traceability
    • Recall procedures
    • Bin management
    • Security and audit trails

    These features have been incorporated into Epicor allied chemicals and pharmaceutical software solution, delivering industry-specific capabilities on top of our award-winning platform.

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  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of each industry and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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