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Dive deeper into iScala 2.3 SR3 "Hints & Tips for Financials"

Dive deeper into iScala 2.3 SR3 and reveal our valuable Hints & Tips for Financials to help you and your organization to drive business easier. Just join our "Hints & Tips for Financials" webcast and learn how to ease your daily tasks and how iScala 2.3 SR3 can increase your efficiency.

Join our "Hints & Tips for Financials" webcast now!

Register now for the iScala 2.3 SR3 Hints & Tips for Financials. Join this webcast to discover important information valuable to you:

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Automatic Accounting Schedule (AAS)

Epicor iScala offers companies the ability to process complex financial transactions simply. Using the iScala Automatic Accounting Schedule (AAS) your organization can map how the transaction should be processed. Organizations can take advantage of this and the allocations engine to allocate transactions across one or more accounting segment and multiple periods.

Revenue Recognition

With increased revenue reporting requirements, companies are looking for a way to control how they report revenues related to longer-term contracts and projects. The iScala Revenue Recognition Module has been specifically designed to automatically calculate the revenues that can be recognized on a specific project/contract based on different revenue recognition models.

Commission Management

Supporting a complex sales process that works with direct and indirect sales often requires working with complex commission payments. The iScala Commission module has been created to support the management of the commissions to internal and external parties. The commission payable per sales order line can be split across one of more partners and commission payments can be adjusted based on the final payment(s) from the end customer.

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