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  • Strategies for Retail Business Growth With Epicor

    Mastering Business Growth

    Retail businesses face a common concern—the need to grow through expansion, profitability, increasing market share, and improving customer loyalty. If you want to tackle business growth and succeed, read more and find out how to:

    • Evaluate and navigate challenges to business growth
    • Identify and enable top growth drivers
    • Discover how your peers tackle growth

    Epicor Eagle N Series enables growth
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    Customer Success Stories

    Learn How Epicor Helps Retailers Achieve Their Growth Goals

    Epicor Retail Solutions

    Learn how Epicor solutions drive collaboration, insight, mobility, and agility to inspire business growth strategies

    Epicor Eagle N Series
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    Epicor Eagle N Series: Foundation For The Future

    Watch this video and discover how you can keep your retail business healthy in terms of profits and profitability.

  • Latest News

    • Q&A with Market Researcher Taylor Short, Software Advice
      To thrive, manufacturers in today’s accelerating global markets must master the management of change. In fact, organizations using a manufacturing execution system (MES) are proving to be a powerful tactic to ensure that decision makers receive the information they need quickly, accurately, and on demand. This helps provide the intelligence needed to understand and manage change.

    • Gain Insights from your Systems’ Data

      Ask a hundred people what Business Intelligence software is and you’ll get two hundred different answers. Over the last few years there have been a number of new Business Intelligence (BI) applications released to the market. The Cloud and mobile are driving new capabilities in being able to access, create and share data in ways that haven’t been possible before or affordable to do so. 

    • Metal-Tech Partners

      "Security, reliability, functionality, and cost were our prime concerns. Epicor met all these criteria."

      Caleb Wolf, IT and Plant Manager, Metal-Tech Partners

    • Pro X Home Center Prepares for Accelerated Growth with Epicor Retail Solutions

      Home Improvement Retailer Will Be Supported by Epicor Point of Sale, Workforce Management, and eCommerce Offerings 

    • Interfor

      “LumberTrack software has unified the way we do things. All the sales orders across the company are entered the same way, the invoicing is done the same way, and we pay vendors the same way companywide.”

      Mark Bettencourt, Finishing Superintendent of the Hammond Cedar Division | Interfor

    • Internet of Things…and the Data We Love
      The Internet of Things is a fast growing platform of connected devices, machines and cloud technology, which is helping businesses better manage process, machines and decision making. But what is the Internet of Things (IoT)? I like to describe it as, 'Devices connected to the internet to be used for the collection and analysis of data for the automation or control of a process.' Yet the term "Internet of Things" did not come about recently.

    • It’s Time to Transform
      As a Distributor you have very big challenges in front of you as the competition is increasing and margins are decreasing. You wish this were reversed but it’s not. The Cloud is driving some of this pressure as your competitors are implementing new software solutions to help them improve margins and stand out from the crowd. Maybe it’s time to look at how BI software in the Cloud, sometimes referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS), can help you.

    • Havelock AHI Relies on Epicor ERP to Improve Visibility and Streamline Operations

      Choice Based on Industry Specific Expertise, Ease of Implementation, Customized Dashboards, Granular Reporting, and Scalability

    • Coast Builders RONA

      "We've increased market share and improved profitability with Epicor Eagle, while also increasing last year's bottom line by $100,000."

      Russ Jones, Owner | RONA at Sunshine Coast

    • Sportsman’s Guide Launches Epicor FFL Compliance Manager

      Outdoor Sporting Goods Retailer Implements New Cloud-Based Firearms Compliance Tool to Stay on Par with Federal Firearms Laws


  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of retail businesses and are available in the cloud, hosted, or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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