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  • Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) Services Specification

    This Epicor Commerce Connect Services Specification (“Specification”) outlines the services and services levels associated with Epicor’s delivery of its Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) Service (“Solution”). Epicor’s delivery of the Solution is a Subscription Service subject to the terms and conditions set forth in a Master Customer Agreement or Subscription Services Addendum (“Master Agreement”) between Epicor Software Corporation, or an affiliate thereof (“Epicor”), and Customer.

    Capitalized terms including without limitation “Customer Data” have the meanings given to them in the Master Agreement. For purposes of this Services Specification: “Service Infrastructure” means the hardware, operating system, database software (e.g., LAMP stack) and connectivity available at Epicor’s data center used to host the Solution; and “System” means the Solution and the Service Infrastructure.


    Epicor delivers the Solution on a cloud-basis. The Solution generally consists of:

    • ECC
    • Integration between ECC and the approved Epicor ERP product
    • Approved versions of Magento Community or Magento Enterprise
    • System-related services and support described herein
    • Standard application Support for the Solution (available 7AM to 7PM Central Time, Monday through Friday)1

    See the applicable Order for more details.


    Customer’s initial monthly subscription fee for the Solution is derived from the pricing tier applicable to Customer’s annual consolidated gross income for the then most recently completed fiscal year. Except as set forth in an Order or as otherwise agreed, monthly Solution subscription fees are invoiced annually in advance, subject to adjustment as described below.

    On or about each anniversary during the Subscription Services Term the monthly subscription fee will be reevaluated based on the pricing tiers determined by (i) the amount of Customer’s consolidated gross revenue for the then most recent completed fiscal year2 and (ii) the amount of online gross revenue processed through the Solution for the 1-year period then ended.3 Any pricing adjustments resulting from changes in the applicable pricing tiers will be applied retroactively to the then ended anniversary date.

    Pricing is determined in accordance with the following tiers:

    Annual Consolidated Gross Revenue Online Gross Revenue
    Tier 1: $0 to $10,000,000 Tier 1: $0 to $1,000,000
    Tier 2: $10,000,001 to $25,000,000 Tier 2: $1,000,001 to $2,000,000
    Tier 3: $25,000,001 to $50,000,000 Tier 3: $2,000,001 to $5,000,000
    Tier 4: $50,000,001 to $75,000,000 Tier 4: $5,000,001 to $10,000,000
    Tier 5: $75,000,001 to $100,000,000 Tier 5: $10,000,001 to $15,000,000
    Tier 6: $100,000,001 to $200,000,000 Tier 6: $15,000,001 to $25,000,000
    Tier 7: $200,000,001 to $350,000,000 Tier 7: $25,000,001 to $50,000,000
    Tier 8: $350,000,001 or greater Tier 8: $50,000,001 to $100,000,000
    Tier 9: $100,000,001 or greater

    Professional Services

    The Solution will be implemented and configured by Epicor Professional Services as generally set forth in the Order applicable to the Solution. All development and code work must be performed by Epicor (or at Epicor’s direction). Customer will be furnished access to the Solution Administrator console to manage site content. Customer may not customize any Solution code.

    picor does not recommend changes to the Magento core modules. Customer may request that Epicor install Magento-based add-on modules on the System.

    Epicor is not responsible for the detrimental impact to the Solution or System resulting from Customer’s actions contrary to the requirements or recommendations described above or elsewhere within.

    Infrastructure Management

    Epicor, through its or its partner’s data center facilities, provides the following System Infrastructure necessary to host the Solution:

    • Servers
    • Firewall services
    • System monitoring
    • Database
    • Storage
    • Software licensing
    • Network monitoring and intrusion protection

    Default System Environment

    As part of the initial Professional Services engagement the parties will complete a system sizing configurator to determine the initial System Infrastructure configuration. The configuration is determined, in part, based on the expected volumes of the following metrics: SKUs, business-to-business (B2B) users, business-to-consumer (B2C) users, site visitors, page views, and time spent on a page.

    Epicor recommends that Customer notify Epicor promptly if Customer experiences or expects to experience any material changes to its metrics so that the parties can determine if changes to the System Infrastructure are appropriate to maximize System performance.

    System Management

    System Management services will (unless otherwise noted) comprise the following:

    • Installation and on-going maintenance of servers in a secure data center
    • Direct access to redundant, high-capacity connectivity to major internet providers
    • Provisioning, monitoring and management of redundant network infrastructure
    • Installation of the operating system and application of patches, service packs and new versions to the System Infrastructure per Epicor’s standard cloud operations practices
    • Provisioning and monitoring storage space in a Storage Area Network (“SAN”) or similar environment
    • Security patching and anti-virus management where and when appropriate
    • 24x7 monitoring of all System Infrastructure

    Backup Process

    Epicor’s standard backup procedure is as follows:

    • (OS) Server full backups are performed once per calendar week, with incremental backups performed every day in between
    • Application full backups are performed once per calendar week with incremental backups performed every day in between
    • Database full backups are performed nightly, transactions are every two hours, and are shipped to offsite storage
    • Backup testing is provided on an on demand basis

    Database Management

    Epicor will maintain System databases. Specific responsibilities will comprise the following:

    • Installation of database service packs and patches
    • Maintain database security in accordance with the Epicor cloud operations policies
    • Monitor application and database performance against established thresholds
    • Perform day-to-day database administration tasks (e.g. restarts, review logs, error checking)
    • Manage Production, Pilot, and (as and when appropriate) Sandbox and Additional Environments on behalf of Customer

    Application Support

    As part of the Solution subscription, Epicor offers application Support for the Solution from 7AM to 7PM Central Time, Monday through Friday (“Standard Support Hours”) in accordance with the Support practices described in the Master Agreement. Application Support for the Solution also includes:

    • Support for the interfaces between the Solution and the applicable Epicor ERP system and/or Epicor payment gateway4
    • Installation of critical patch or service-pack based Software Updates in consultation with Customer
    • Advice on upgrade paths for all other Solution Software Updates5

    To receive application Support for the Solution, Customer may need to upgrade the Solution and/or integrated Epicor ERP system to a then current version. Further, certain Solution functionality may be limited or unavailable if Customer is not on the then most current Epicor ERP system version.

    Customer may subscribe to 24x7 application support for an additional fee. With subscription, Epicor will perform the following additional Support services outside of the Standard Support Hours:

    • On-call support analyst and Tier 1 incident service desk
    • Return to service for “Priority 1 – Critical” incidents in accordance with Epicor’s standard support policies6
    • Support for the interface between the Solution and Epicor’s payment gateway

    24x7 application Support does not include support for incidents involving the Epicor ERP system or database or the interface between the Epicor ERP system and Solution.

    Customer Responsibilities

    Customer is responsible to:

    • Furnish Epicor (or its agents) with timely access to Customer’s ERP system to ensure that Epicor may support the Solution integration and maintain connection between Customer’s ERP system and the Solution
    • Furnish accurate contact information for primary and secondary Customer contacts to communicate System issues
    • Enter System-related incidents through Epicor’s Support Portal
    • Input Customer Data in accordance with the Documentation
    • Maintain copies of the Customer Data that its uploads into the Solution or otherwise furnishes to Epicor
    • Comply with the Acceptable Use Policy specific to the data center which the Solution is hosted
    • Maintain a current subscription to application support for its integrated Epicor ERP system

    Epicor is not responsible for delays or System unavailability due to Customer’s failure to meet the responsibilities described above or resulting from errors resulting from Customer’s ERP system.

    Uptime Commitment SLA

    Epicor provides a financially backed 99.5% uptime commitment (“Availability Target”) with respect to the Service Infrastructure during each calendar month of the Subscription Services Term, excluding scheduled maintenance times.

    If in any calendar month the Availability Target is not met by Epicor and Customer was detrimentally impacted, Epicor entire liability to you is to provide a service credit equal to 10% for each percentage point below the Availability Target (not to exceed 50%) of the subscription services fees allocable to that calendar month. To receive credit, Customer must request a service credit from its Account Manager within 5 business days following the end of the calendar month for which Epicor fails to meet the Availability Target. A service credit is not available if Customer is then past due on its account or is otherwise in breach of the Master Agreement. Further, no service credit is available if Customer fails to promptly implement Epicor recommendations for resolution. Epicor shall calculate any service level downtime using Epicor’s system logs and other records. No credit or reduction in fees will be applicable for any period of System unavailability that results from Customer’s failure to perform its responsibilities described herein or to otherwise implement Epicor’s advice or recommendations to mitigate or resolve System Infrastructure unavailability.

    General Exclusions

    • Epicor is not responsible for Service interruption, performance or instability caused by third party solutions, services or integrations that it doesn’t supply or for inaccurate or incomplete content entry
    • Code modifications made other than by or at Epicor’s direction.
    • Solution configuration not in accordance with the Documentation
    • This Specification applies only to live Solution environments. All non-production environments are excluded
    • Despite being a cloud-based solution, the Solution may include an on-premise component. If an on-premise component is applicable, Customer is responsible for furnishing the necessary supporting infrastructure to facilitate Solution operability. Contact your Epicor Account Manager if you have questions on this matter

    124x7 Support for the Solution is available for an additional fee.

    2Customer must report a good faith estimate if it has then not finalized annual consolidated gross revenue. Customer must promptly report the finalized annual consolidate gross revenue amount to Epicor once available.

    3Customer acknowledges that Epicor may access the Solution database to generate a report of Customer’s online gross revenue for such annual period.

    4Except as otherwise agreed, Epicor does not support third party credit card gateways.

    5The installation of “product release” Software Updates and most “version release” Software Updates must be scheduled with Epicor Professional Services and are separately chargeable.

    6Epicor targets 1 hour response and 4 hour resolution times for “Priority 1 – Critical” incidents. Such targets are not intended to guaranty response or resolution times.

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