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Unlocking the true value of ERP

Category: ERP Technology Innovation

The term enterprise resource planning (ERP) has always been synonymous with efficiency, clarity and a smarter way of working. But in today’s on-demand environment, businesses need to unlock the true value of their ERP platform in order to build competitiveness and continue to grow.

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The formula for a healthy, happy workforce

Category: HCM Technology Innovation

Despite living in an age where technology takes centre stage, people remain a business’s most valuable asset. Equipping staff with the right blend of tools and support plays a key part in creating a motivated and
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Make every move count

Category: Technology Innovation

No matter how small, every decision made in business today – from agreeing a manufacturing plan, to launching a new marketing campaign – has the potential to drive success and business growth. 

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Moscow: The evolution of the hospitality industry

Category: Technology Innovation

During the recent customer event in Moscow, a discussion took place that focused on the trends and challenges faced by those within the hospitality industry.  

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The continuing evolution of ERP

Category: ERP Technology Innovation

The use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) has greatly changed over the last few years. This change demonstrates the notion that traditional ERP systems do not generally fit with the way we run our
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