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The continuing evolution of ERP

Category: ERP Technology Innovation

The use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) has greatly changed over the last few years. This change demonstrates the notion that traditional ERP systems do not generally fit with the way we run our
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Meet Xtrac: Manufacturer of the Year

Category: Manufacturing Technology Innovation

What makes an Epicor customer? They don’t come much more quality oriented than motorsport legend, Xtrac. At Epicor Insights 2015, Xtrac Finance Director, Stephen Lane, gave us a tour of the company. Founded 30 years ago, Xtrac is the
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Could you do more with less paper? Find out with a free ‘eBusiness Scan’

Category: Technology Innovation

Emile van de Klok, Managing Director for Amsterdam-based Epicor partner, TIE Kinetix, offers this extraordinary fact: 80% of corporate transactions still involve paper. Cheques may be on the way out, but there are still paper-based elements everywhere: invoices, receipts or any number of other spurious scraps of scribbled information.
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Get the Stuff Done – Easy, Fast and Connected

Category: Technology Innovation

A couple of weeks’ ago we hosted our annual German customer conference in Frankfurt. Customers and partners arrived with high expectations for open discussions, expert insights and an update on the latest Epicor product developments and best practices in ERP.
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Epicor Highlighted as Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Provider

Category: Technology Innovation

Inbound Logistics has named Epicor one of the Top 100 Logistics IT Providers of 2015. Epicor was selected for its robust supply chain products and services offerings and broad scope of industries served, including: manufacturing, retail, wholesale, e-business, among others.
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