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Epicor User Group 4000th Member Milestone and Global Expansion

Category: Technology Innovation

Recently the Epicor Users Group (EUG) reached a new milestone by having our 4000th member contact sign up for the group.  The EUG is a completely independent group of users helping users of Epicor software products. It’s a non
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Why You Need an Agile ERP System: Part One

Category: ERP Technology Innovation

Five pillars of change are dominating discussions about today’s technology MobileSocialCloudBig dataVideo unified communications“Mobile” is about the interface—how quickly we can access computing power. Today we have more computing power in our smartphones that what was used to
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The Need for Adaptive ERP

Category: ERP Technology Innovation

From their inception, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have been deployed with an overarching purpose: reduce costs by managing processes and materials. Until the middle 1980s, enterprise systems were built for narrowly defined business needs such as order management, account payables, and inventory control. The first real ERP systems integrated the data and processes once handled by individual programs into a single system capable of managing almost every aspect of running a sizable business. They transformed how modern businesses work.
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The Nexus of Forces Works Its Way Into the Enterprise

Category: Cloud/SaaS Technology Innovation

According to technology research firm Gartner, "Four independent forces—social, mobile, cloud and information—have converged as a result of human behavior
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The Manifold Productivity of ERP

Category: ERP Technology Innovation

post on points to the advantages of enterprise resource planning (ERP) for small and mid-sized businesses considering the technology for the first time; however, its list of how ERP supports today’s business requirements in terms or productivity and profitability extends to enterprises of all sizes. They cite 10 top requirements for today’s businesses and how ERP helps meet them:
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