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Meet the Team: Paul Salsgiver – Executive Vice President and General Manager, Retail Software


Meet Epicor’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, Retail Software, Paul Salsgiver. Paul brings over 35 years of experience to his role and joined Epicor in May 2011 following the merger with Activant Solutions Inc., where he served as executive vice president and general manager of the retail distribution group.

Q: Paul, what is your vision for the new Epicor?

A: To make Epicor the number one software solution provider in each market we currently serve and all new markets we choose to enter – also to make Epicor a highly desirable company to work at for employees and future employees.

Q: What is most important in your role as EVP and GM, Retail Software, that will help to achieve this vision?

A: My role is to provide the leadership and resources for all retail team members so that they can attain their highest productivity, service and product excellence to deliver the best ongoing business experience to all Epicor customers.

Q: What is your favorite place to travel?

A: I am an avid fly fisherman so I like to be on active trout streams where I can enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience landing some of nature’s beautiful creatures. I return all I catch back to their environment so they can continue to grow and thrive. I spend time in the Tahoe region the most enjoying this sport.

Paul Salsgiver

Paul enjoying his favorite pastime - a little fly fishing.
Posted by Morgan Liti, Social Media Team, Epicor

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