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Gathering the Industry’s Brightest at the Epicor LBM and Wood Products User Conference


Last week, Epicor retail distribution solutions Executive Vice President and General Manager Craig McCollum welcomed over 450 Epicor users to the 2014 Epicor LBM and Wood Products User Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference brought together users of Epicor lumber, building materials, and wood products solutions -- Epicor BisTrack, Epicor LumberTrack, Epicor Catalyst, Epicor Falcon, and Epicor ECS Pro. Attendees also had the opportunity to learn about new Epicor technologies, network with other users and meet the Epicor team.

The Generational Transformation in Your Business
The opening keynote by Craig McCollum focused on how to embrace the generational shift currently occurring as Traditionalist and Baby Boomers transfer leadership to Generation X and the Millennials. “The Technology Revolution has shaped the work ethic and leadership styles of Generation X and the Millennials,” said McCollum. “I want to encourage businesses to embrace this change and create a work environment where the different generations can communicate freely and learn from each other.”

Additionally, McCollum provided a few words of advice for businesses in the midst of generational shifts:

  • Embrace change. It’s inevitable and you can’t fight it. The market is changing quickly and you need to be able to change along with it. Are your business intelligence and analytics tools conducive to providing you with the accurate and real-time information you need to respond to market changes?
  • Break down the walls between the different generational groups in your company. Cross-train every employee and try to have a good mix of younger and older employees working together and learning from one another. This will keep your older employees young at heart, and provide reassuring experience to the younger staff.
  • Challenge employees. Use technology to automate as many processes and transactions as possible. This will free up employees from menial tasks and allow them to focus on more challenging and rewarding responsibilities.
  • Values-based buying is going to become more prevalent as younger employees take over the purchasing process. Have a plan in place to obtain and market your green products and practices.
  • Increase communication. Leverage today’s mobile technologies and products to improve communications across your organization and with your customers.

Built on over 30 years of lumber industry expertise, Epicor provides software solutions to more than 2,000 lumber and building material businesses throughout North America. Learn more about these solutions at www.epicor.com/lbm.

Posted by the Epicor Social Media Team

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