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Monitoring the ERP Clock

Category: ERP

Knowing when to replace one’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be a tricky proposition. For many organizations, growth, revisions to the business model, or physical changes may be the drivers of “monitoring the clock” on a current system. On
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Connected ERP: The New Imperative

Category: ERP

Recently, we posted on the rise of collaboration as a key element in today’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). That topic points to a broader necessity the need for connected ERP. For businesses whose operations increasingly span the globe, connectivity is
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Why You Need an Agile ERP System: Part Two

Category: ERP

In part one of this post, we discussed the technologies driving development in today’s digital business landscape, the major forces driving dramatic change, and the challenges businesses face in a time of transformational innovation. To adapt to transformational change, enterprise resource planning
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Why You Need an Agile ERP System: Part One

Category: ERP Technology Innovation

Five pillars of change are dominating discussions about today’s technology MobileSocialCloudBig dataVideo unified communications“Mobile” is about the interface—how quickly we can access computing power. Today we have more computing power in our smartphones that what was used to
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ERP Helping Food Manufacturers Meet Safety, Traceability, and More

Category: ERP Manufacturing

For food manufacturers, food safety is among the most important issues they face additionally, the demands for documentation relating to food sourcing, material flow, traceability, and regulatory compliance present an increasing and ongoing challenge to their operations. Particularly as
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