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Unlocking the true value of ERP

Category: ERP Technology Innovation

The term enterprise resource planning (ERP) has always been synonymous with efficiency, clarity and a smarter way of working. But in today’s on-demand environment, businesses need to unlock the true value of their ERP platform in order to build competitiveness and continue to grow.

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What’s around the corner for ERP?

Category: ERP

At Epicor Insights 2015, Malcolm Fox, VP Product Marketing for Epicor, explained not only how changes in technology are influencing the ERP industry, but also how Epicor is monitoring those changes on behalf of its customers, to become a technology partner which can help manufacturing businesses remain ahead of the curve.

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The continuing evolution of ERP

Category: ERP Technology Innovation

The use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) has greatly changed over the last few years. This change demonstrates the notion that traditional ERP systems do not generally fit with the way we run our
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How social makes ERP the heart of the organization

Category: ERP

How social makes ERP the heart of the organization.
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ERP – The Invisible Integrator

Category: ERP

Today, ERP is all about inspiring decisions to help drive the business forward and promote growth, but how is this currently working in practice?

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