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Keeping Instructional Design Simple – Learning Objectives for the New Year

Category: Epicor University

In my first attempt at this, my first blog post, I immediately lost sight of the objective – keeping it simple… Most of what I have learned about instructional design over the years I can sum in a few
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Writing for Software

Category: Epicor University

Earlier this year, I began transitioning from writing content for Epicor HCM to Prophet 21 application. The more I read up on Prophet 21, the more I realized it was a very different application than what I was used to.
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Stretching Beyond your Comfort Zone

Category: Epicor University

When I was asked to write this blog post, I was a little nervous. I have never written a blog post before, much less one that can be read by the entire world.  I felt ill at ease and unsure at doing something different.  As I was calming my nerves in preparation for this new challenge, I started thinking about comfort zones and why it’s important to stick a toe outside them.
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Using Stories To Teach

Category: Epicor University

Did you stay up later then you intended to last night? If you did, chances are you were sucked into a great movie or a favorite book. That’s what a good story does . . . it grabs our attention and holds it until a creative or surprising resolution gives us satisfaction and contentment. But stories do much more than entertain . . . a good story can help us learn and make it easier for us to remember something long after we see it on screen or read it on a page.
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Serving on Multiple Scrum Teams Simultaneously

Category: Epicor University

A few posts back, Dawn wrote about writing technical documentation in a Scrum environment. She provided an excellent overview of what Scrum is and how to navigate it as a writer, so I won’t retread her ground here. Instead, I would like to address an aspect of Scrum development that seems unique to writers: serving on multiple teams at once.
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