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Microlearning in Everyday Business

Category: Epicor University

If you work in or near circles of instructional designers, course writers, and trainers then you’ve undoubtedly heard the latest buzzword in the business, microlearning. No, this does NOT refer to technical manuals in very small typeface . . . but I’d be happy to tell you all about what it does really mean.
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Because I Said So!

Category: Epicor University

Most children will reach a stage where they ask one simple question, over and over again; Why?
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A Different Year in 10 Steps

Category: Epicor University

How can we achieve our goals? How can we have a different year? How can we reach amazing results? This year you can add these 10 things to your bucket list.
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Do You Really Read the Manual?

Category: Epicor University

You can’t build something without understanding the steps required to put it together properly.
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Coping with Stress

Category: Epicor University

Stress affects people in different ways, and everyone has a different method of dealing with it.
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Making it Work from Home

Category: Epicor University

Let’s face it. Change is always around the corner. Just when you are comfortable and used to your environment, everything changes.

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Insights 2015 – A Great Learning Experience for Epicor Users and Employees Alike!

Category: Epicor University

Often times, when we are deep into our daily work routine, focused on completing our assigned tasks, it’s very easy to lose perspective about the importance of what we are doing, and how it can greatly impact others.

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