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Making it Work from Home

Category: Epicor University

Let’s face it. Change is always around the corner. Just when you are comfortable and used to your environment, everything changes.

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Insights 2015 – A Great Learning Experience for Epicor Users and Employees Alike!

Category: Epicor University

Often times, when we are deep into our daily work routine, focused on completing our assigned tasks, it’s very easy to lose perspective about the importance of what we are doing, and how it can greatly impact others.

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Top Six Resources to Improve your Productivity and User Adoption with Epicor University

Category: Epicor University

Whether you are a customer implementing a new system, or an existing customer looking to improve your knowledge, Epicor University has a wide array of education and documentation deliverables available to help your users improve productivity and increase their satisfaction
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Why I love being a Technical Writer and Working in the Software Industry

Category: Epicor University

When I was a little girl I loved ballet, and I enjoyed every second of those 14 years. As I grew up I started to love writing. My favorite class was Creative Writing, and I’ll never forget how Miss Robin
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Keeping Instructional Design Simple – Learning Objectives for the New Year

Category: Epicor University

In my first attempt at this, my first blog post, I immediately lost sight of the objective – keeping it simple… Most of what I have learned about instructional design over the years I can sum in a few
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