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Tips from the Experts on New Year's Resolutions for Distributors


When it comes to your business, setting goals is imperative. Unlike personal New Year’s resolutions that are often forgotten after a short time, successful companies stick to their goals with organizational discipline, top-down leadership and support, and systems of measurement. Goal execution becomes part of the culture for those who desire to thrive.

With that in mind, Epicor asked a number of thought leaders in the wholesale distribution industry for the top resolutions that distributors can't afford to ignore in 2012. These experts recommended the following:

  1. Stop treating inventory as your competitive advantage
  2. Stop always saying “Yes” to all customers
  3. Stop allowing field sales to direct themselves

Making fundamental changes in the way you do business requires commitment, but achieving any one of these resolutions will put your distributorship on a better footing. Achieving all three will surely differentiate your business from the competition and open up new avenues for profitability.

Posted by Epicor Social Media Team

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