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Don’t Run Into Growth Before You Can Walk

Category: Technology Innovation

For all of our collaborative technologies and connectivity, businesses today remain worlds apart when it comes to the topic of growth and how to deal with the challenges growth brings.
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How finance executives can get the accurate data they need—fast

Category: ERP

In the fast-paced, high-tech information age we live in, you might think that accessing real-time, business-critical information is as easy as using your smartphone to find a good restaurant. 
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Introducing the 2016 Epicor Customer Excellence Awards

Category: Technology Innovation

We are pleased to announce that the nominations for the 2016 Epicor Customer Excellence Awards are now open. 

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Bringing the Epicor Brand to Life

Category: Technology Innovation

Most of the top brands will tell you that brand is more than just a slogan, product or service.
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A Different Year in 10 Steps

Category: Epicor University

How can we achieve our goals? How can we have a different year? How can we reach amazing results? This year you can add these 10 things to your bucket list.
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CFOs: What ERP solution is right for your leadership style?

Category: ERP Technology Innovation

As a CFO, the last thing you want is for the decision-making process to be more difficult or less effective
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Meeting the unique ERP software needs of “The Visionary” CFO

Category: ERP Technology Innovation

In our final blog in this series, we examine the Visionary CFO style and the ERP solution that will best serve them.Meeting the unique ERP software needs of “The Visionary” CFO
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