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Ireland on the Upswing: Recent ERP Customer Wins Point to Advancing Irish Economy and Manufacturing Industry

Category: ERP

Although reports of global economic woes continue to pop up in the news, we’re witnessing a more positive story in Ireland right now.

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Using Trackers to Assess Performance and Identify Improvement Opportunities

Category: ERP Manufacturing

A few years ago I was a Quality Manager in a plant that manufactured halogen lighting for the automotive industry. I received a complaint from a customer that my products were not performing as expected... a clear quality problem.

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Upgrading Your Inside Sales & Customer Service Teams Part 5: More MS Excel Tips

Category: Distribution

In our last post regarding Microsoft Excel (on April 1), we demonstrated how to manipulate data in a list of customer names.

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CFOs: It’s Time to Say Goodbye to the Spreadsheet

Category: Technology Innovation

While there have been significant changes in business models and financial governance requirements and the velocity and volume of data over the years, many organizations’ business systems haven’t changed.

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Tips on ERP Integration

Category: ERP Manufacturing

At the outset of the decade, Forrester published a report called “It’s Time to Tame the ERP Integration Beast.” Now that we’re halfway to 2020, it seems that ERP integration remains a difficult challenge for many.

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