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    When growth is the primary focus for so many Australian manufacturing and distribution companies, it means that you and your competitors will each be looking for the competitive edge in this shared pursuit.

    As you well know, the competitive edge does not come from using rigid, outdated ERP systems. Your ERP system should open the door to true systems integration, user interaction and flexible business processes. It should not place unrealistic constraints on how you need to do business.

    Therefore, if the capability of your current system can’t meet those needs, then you can’t afford to stay with it any longer.

    Is Your ERP System Compatible With Your Growth Plans?

    How to Know If Your ERP Is Compatible With Your Growth Plans

    How to Know If Your ERP Is Compatible With Your Growth Plans

    Identify the traits of the right ERP system for your company’s future.

    ERP Virtual Tour & Demo

    ERP Virtual Tour & Demo

    Explore the ERP features that enhance company performance.

    Seven Secrets of Profitable Growth With Epicor ERP

    Seven Secrets of Profitable Growth With Epicor ERP

    Discover seven manufacturers' secrets of profitable growth.

    Customer Success Story: Southern Spars

    High-tech spar and rigging manufacturer leverages data from Epicor® EPR to inform critical business decision.

    "In the end the choice of Epicor ERP was a no brainer for us. It is not an old legacy based system. Epicor is always pushing boundaries and adding more technology to take its customers and their businesses to the next level."

    Daniel Malherbe, Group Chief Financial Officer, Southern Spars.

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  • Blog

    • How ERP Software Can Make Your Business More Connected
      At times I feel like the business world is simultaneously becoming more connected and less connected. Technology has revolutionised the business world in numerous ways, such as breaking down geographical and language barriers. This opens up enormous potential for business to be done on a scale unlike any generation before us. However, poor use of technology can also breed habits of anti-socialness which can cause us to miss out on innovation resulting from collaboration.

    • The Importance of Aged Care Financial Management Tools
      Managing finances for an aged care organisation is a tough task. Dealing with funding restrictions, changes to government legislation, staff issues, and general business pressures doesn’t exactly lack in the challenge department. 

    • Navigate a Changing Landscape with the Right Distribution ERP Software
      The distribution industry has experienced a period of dramatic change in the last 15 years and it doesn’t look like stopping now. With the culmination of increased consumer demand alongside significant advances in technology, distributors wouldn’t recognise the 1999 version of themselves if they walked back into their old operating environment.

    • Are your Aged Care Solutions Up to Scratch?
      Busy seems to be the new normal. Whether in your personal life or at work, it seems everyone is trying to do more with less. This change in society is running parallel with the evolution of technology. This means organisations must adapt at an increasingly rapid rate to remain competitive, let alone grow.

    • Why your aged care software should have mobile functionality
      In its purest sense, I associate mobility with making people’s lives easier. However, when we use the term mobility in the aged care industry, it is safe to suggest most people immediately think of power wheelchairs, walking aids, and electric scooters. In the aged care software space, mobility is still about making people’s lives easier, but in a very different way.

    • Make Decisions More Effectively with the best ERP Software
      Who is the greatest athlete of all time? Who has been our most influential prime minister? Where should I go to get the best steak in the city? These are all subjective questions that everyone will have their own opinion on, due to of a number of factors that are specific to them.

    • How Flexible Aged Care Software Can Help You Adapt
      If there is one thing you can bank on in life, it is change. The same rule applies for business and the aged care industry is no exception. In fact, you could argue that the aged care industry will change as much as any other in the years to come.

    • How ERP Software Helps Decision Makers
      Making good decisions is undoubtedly a skill that you develop over time. Managing risk, drawing on the knowledge of the right people, resource management, and learning from previous experiences are all elements of a good decision maker.However, arguably one of the most important factors in effective decision making is having timely access to accurate data. 

    • Facilitating Growth Through Software for Aged Care

      Fostering growth for an aged care organisation in Australia has a unique set of challenges. Funding restrictions, attracting and retaining the right staff, and changes to government legislation are just some of the hurdles that you are likely to face on your path forward. Therefore, when growth is high on the agenda, particularly if you are operating in a competitive market, you need everything working in your favour.

    • Achieving Effective Collaboration through Social ERP Software
      Since the beginning of time humans have been collaborating. The simple concept of working together to achieve an outcome exists all around us, every day. The real challenge isn’t to collaborate, but to do so in a way that generates great results.
      To grow in a competitive market, manufacturers and distributors should do whatever they can to encourage and facilitate collaboration between their stakeholders. One particular way they can achieve this is through their ERP software.

  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of manufacturers and are available in the cloud, hosted, or on-premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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