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  • Industry-Specific Business Software

    Epicor® provides thousands of companies worldwide with industry-specific business software. Going beyond traditional enterprise resource planning, or ERP, software, Epicor solutions include customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, product management, supply chain management (SCM), and more.

    Whether you work in manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality, or services, Epicor provides business software solutions tailor-made for your industry. Epicor also provides customised business software for many other industries or vertical markets. Your company has its own particular demands. Our unique “business layers” approach to business software allows us to support all kinds of organisations – from small startups to large multinationals, metal fabricators to automotive distributors, general business service firms to cross-channel retailers. Epicor’s industry-specific business software solutions help you outperform your competition with more efficient operation and world-class customer service. Epicor enables you to leverage geographic diversity on both the revenue and cost sides of business.

    Next-Generation Business Software Solutions

    With today’s ever-evolving economy, Epicor understands the common drivers of change and accompanying opportunities. Sometimes there is no roadmap for responding to varying requirements and market conditions. This is where Epicor business solutions come into play.

    What creates a world-class business able to boast industry-leading levels of customer satisfaction? The ability to deliver the highest quality and process efficiency across the enterprise. Epicor’s comprehensive business software enables you to optimise performance across your entire organisation, whether your operate locally, within Australia, or on a global scale.