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Epicor® manufacturing solutions offer easy-to-use production management capabilities designed to meet the needs of progressive make-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturing companies. Epicor understands that many manufacturers are complex businesses that defy categorization, often making complex products along side more straightforward repetitive ones. They require exceptionally flexible and versatile production management software in order to accommodate combinations of make to order (MTO), configure to order (CTO), engineer to order (ETO), and make to stock (MTS).

Providing Production Management Solutions to Meet Your Business Goals

So, whether you’re a MTO, CTO, ETO or simply a MTS business, our manufacturing production management solutions are complimented with a full range of supply chain management, supply chain execution and distribution capabilities, all delivered within a single business platform. As one would expect, Epicor manufacturing solutions include advanced quality management, product life cycle management (PLM) and master data management (MDM) to answer all your production management needs.

Built using a true service-oriented architecture (SOA), Epicor manufacturing solutions enable continuous performance initiatives, real-time connectivity and intuitive business intelligence, from the shop floor all the way through to your supply-chain partners providing greater business agility in pursuit of perfect customer service. Scalable, flexible, configurable - trust your production maangement to Epicor for a modern approach to manufacturing excellence.

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