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Epicor SaaS HR makes it easy for organisations to implement a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution. The Epicor HCM solution is available in a SaaS model and provides HR resources with a complete solution for workforce management and offers employees access to view and manage their own information.

Epicor HCM is available as a Cloud HR solution and enables you to manage your employee-related information, from application through retirement, without the added complexity of managing the software and hardware associated with an HCM solution. The Epicor SaaS HCM solution includes:

  • Human resource management functionality
  • Direct access for candidates, employees, and managers
  • Performance management
  • Talent management
  • Benefits and absence tracking
  • Payroll

End-to-End Cloud HR

The Epicor SaaS HR solution makes it simpler than ever to manage your employees and empower your workforce. The Epicor HCM solution is used by organisations to manage 1000’s of employees on a global basis. It includes broad functionality. The solution is even more attractive to companies given is it available in SaaS model – enabling faster implementation times, no hardware costs, and affordable pricing.

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