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Epicor® senior living software has been specifically designed for operators of senior living, aged care facilities, and community care providers.  With today’s business environment operators of aged care facilities have to be more efficient than ever to provide high quality services, while maintaining profitability. 

Epicor aged care software provides operators tools to assist in the day-to-day management of their facilities, deliver exceptional service to residents, and improve the bottom line. Senior living software provides the functionality for managing the marketing, administrative, resident management, and financial aspects of aged care and senior living organizations in an integrated software system.

Aged Care Software Key Features

  • Developed specifically for aged care and senior living organizations.
  • Combines key functionality in a single integrated system.
  • Manage sales process from inquiry to move in.
  • Maintain detailed resident information.
  • Flexible, user definable billing capabilities.
  • Advanced functionality for financial management and analysis.
  • Extensive reports and advanced performance management tools.
  • Scales to support single facility to large multi-site/facility operators.
  • Simplifies business processes and data management.
  • Centralized database for all facilities and communities.
  • Complies with all government legislation for Aged Care.

Over 80 aged care and senior living organizations, with over 50,000 residents, currently manage their residents, operations and resources with Epicor’s Senior Living software.

Senior Living Software Choice for Deployment—SaaS, On Premise, Hosted

Epicor aged care software can be deployed in a SaaS model, on premise or hosted. Talk with your Epicor account representative to learn more about each option and determine which is right for your company.

Have questions on Epicor senior living software? Please call us at +61 2 99276200, or ask an epicor expert.

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