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    Epicor iScala Drives Operational Excellence for Global Organizations

    Business Management Software

    Epicor iScala is designed for the worldwide divisions and subsidiaries of multinational corporations and large local or regional companies that may have significant cross-border trading requirements. iScala drives business growth and global expansion by delivering critical information to make the right decisions at the right time. From customer management through manufacturing to after-sales, iScala allows companies to improve business operations around the world:

    • Make better decisions and improve processes with accurate data in the office or on the move
    • Find information for your customers quickly—even when supporting thousands spread across the globe
    • Use your data for responsiveness and create a streamlined supply chain with suppliers, partners, and customers
    • Establish a continuous improvement environment by easily and consistently analyzing information to improve strategies and processes

    Epicor iScala for Hospitality:
    Solutions to help drive and manage growth

    Streamline and control your business fast with a quick to implement back-office solution designed to meet unique hospitality requirements.

    Epicor iScala Delivers Accurate Insight for Better Decisions More Frequently

    Epicor iScala Functional Highlights

    Epicor iScala Functional Highlights

    Learn about the advanced global financial capabilities in Epicor iScala.

    iScala eBook

    Epicor iScala eBook

    Discover how to transform your business with three key strategies—simple, smooth, fast!

    On-Demand Webcast

    Find out how Epicor iScala can make your company more responsive.

    Learn How Other Customers Have Grown With Epicor iScala

    Radox Case Study


    "The benefits of upgrading mainly come from us being able to improve the relationship with our customers. It means we can become more responsive."

    Jecan Alin, Economist, Radox

    SoyuzBalt Complect Case Study

    SoyuzBalt Complect

    "The Epicor iScala ERP system offers full functionality, stable operation, and rapid data processing. At the same time, it provides an intuitive, convenient interface which is easy to understand and use by any employee, regardless of their position within the company."

    Aleksandr Pushkin, IT Director, SoyuzBalt Complect

    Frigotehnica Case Study


    "We would definitely recommend iScala 3.0 and ICE to all customers because of its great ease of use and support for management reporting."

    Penio Penev, IT Solutions Manager, Frigotehnica

  • Technology Blog

    • A Good Start to 2017 in Vietnam: Partnership with Ho Chi Minh City Open University
      Last week the Epicor Asia team announced a renewed partnership  with the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Open University. By extending the agreement for another three years and implementing the latest version of the Epicor ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution, HCMC students in Vietnam will get access to a modern software platform that is used by manufacturers today. 

    • How to Deliver the Best Customer Experience to Enable Growth
      In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, providing a great customer experience has never been more critical—both in terms of differentiating yourself from your competition and growing your business. In fact, one of the greatest indicators of your company’s future success today is your customers’ satisfaction levels. If your customers are happy, this naturally bodes well for business growth; however, you then have the added challenge of keeping them happy while you’re growing. 

    • Epicor CFO Discusses Corporate Challenges
      In an interview on SearchFinancialApplications.com, Kathy Crusco, executive vice president and CFO of Epicor, answered questions ranging from the challenges of merging two organizations (Epicor and Activant) to the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s new standard for recognizing revenue.

    • Top 10 Work Scenarios Where Less Collaboration is More
      Much has been written on the benefits of collaboration; however we’ve all been subject to “downward spiral” collaborative scenarios. Here are our top ten work scenarios where more collaboration yields less benefit, and less collaboration actually has more upside.

    • Coping with Stress
      Stress affects people in different ways, and everyone has a different method of dealing with it.

    • Quantifying the Financial Impact of Collaboration in the Workplace

      Last year Deloitte was asked by Google Australia to quantify the value of greater workplace collaboration, and the results are pretty jaw-dropping. Deloitte came up with a “net value of collaboration” to the national Australian economy of $46 billion per year.

    • CFOs: It’s Time to Say Goodbye to the Spreadsheet

      While there have been significant changes in business models and financial governance requirements and the velocity and volume of data over the years, many organizations’ business systems haven’t changed.

  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of global businesses who are focused on excellence. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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