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  • Choice Inspires Better Relationships

    Business is a series of choices. As you grow and scale your business, you want a solution that empowers you to be agile and change course as needed. Whether it is designing a new product, changing your business processes, or entering a new market, you need a solution that supports your choices and enables you to implement them effectively and efficiently.

    • Why Cloud Deployed Epicor ERP

      Cloud deployed Epicor ERP provides a secure , efficient environment that drives customer success through collaboration and shared access to accurate data. Epicor ERP unifies your ERP, customer service, CRM and eCommerce needs. Watch this video to find out more about Epicor ERP in the cloud.

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    • EL ES DE Engineering is Empowered By Epicor ERP

      Epicor cloud based ERP provides value. For a fixed monthly fee, we can enjoy an enterprise level product without huge implementation costs. This gives us a step up on the competition. From the core financial accounting processes, through to project planning of complex design and build jobs , material procurement, traceability, tracking our quality system – everything is done within Epicor ERP.
      Rob McMahon, General Manager of EL ES DE Engineering

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    • Choice Inspires Better Business

      In this video, R "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst, Chairman and Founder at Constellation Research, Inc., talks about how exercising choice in ERP can help you stay competitive and inspire better business. Find out why companies are moving to the Cloud to support continuous progress and ensure maximum value of their technology solution, and how emerging hybrid solutions aid the transition.

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    • Chirch Is Empowered by Epicor ERP

      "The core reason why we selected Epicor was that its roots were in manufacturing. With their robust service available in the cloud, we're able to focus on our end goal: fulfilling customer needs in the best way possible. This adoption comes at a key time for us, and has already helped us further improve our responsiveness to customers."

      Anthony L. Chirchirillo, CEO

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  • Epicor ERP is built to bring out the best in your business. It’s the first collaborative ERP solution that interconnects entire organizations, while linking them ever more closely to the world beyond. Epicor ERP ensures that everyone is able to interact with greater effectiveness and participate in the business conversations that will ultimately drive profitability and growth.

    Epicor ERP lets you focus on running your business, not the software it runs on. It delivers more accurate, more transparent—more powerful—information, in real time. Learn more about Epicor ERP.

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