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    End-to-end distribution software offering a full range of capabilities, based on industry-leading technology.

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    ERP software designed for both the process and discrete manufacturing industries.

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    Comprehensive business software that provides a real-time, accurate view of your services business.

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    Automotive Aftermarket
    Epicor automotive aftermarket software delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions for aftermarket manufacturers.

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    • Feruni Ceramiche

      “The main benefit we get from the enterprise performance management solution is that we get access to business information much quicker and easier. We find out about potential issues much faster which means that we can also take action and rectify problems faster.” 

      Sean Yu, Senior Finance Manager | Feruni Ceramiche

    • Pharmedic
      “Our operating departments used to work in silos resulting in lots of duplication and errors. After  implementing Epicor ERP, we are well integrated on real time. Data only needs to be keyed in one  instance and the financial accounting operations has been speed up ever since.”
      Mr. Cao Tan Tuoc, Vice General Director/Admin and Finance Director | Pharmedic

    • Sino Corporation
      "As our company grows, we realized that we cannot rely on discreet applications and data inconsistency much longer. We need a system that allows us to automate and integrate our business processes with flexibility and complexity. With Epicor ERP systems, we are now in full control of our data flow. This gives us the capability to quickly and accurately adapt to constant changes as we grow. Our management team can easily access reports just a tap away, powering them to make better decisions in a timely matter."
      Mr. Nguyen Vu An, IT Manager | Sino Corporation

    • Welding Industries Malaysia
      "Epicor stood out with its ability to link to our operations and provide the data we needed." Mr. Keng Foon Leong, General Manager | Welding Industries Malaysia

    • Symmetry Medical Asia
      "Epicor covers all the areas and I believe working with up-to-date live information is how our employees can work successfully with each other." Ms Chooi Yin Yu, IT Manager | Symmetry Medical Malaysia

    • LX Precision Co., LTD.
      "Epicor ERP software is very suitable for LX Precision. It lowers our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while raising productivity at the same time. The solution helps us plan and manage our material inventories effectively, monitor the company's stock reserves and increases operational efficiency. We are very happy with the results." Jiang Lihong, Assistant General Manager | LX Precision

  • Blogs

    • Eight Considerations to Turn Transactions and Data into HCM Insight
      “Human capital is the profit lever of a knowledge economy,” an observation according to Dr. Jac Fitz-enz (commonly known as “Dr. Jac”), acknowledged as the father of human capital strategic analysis and measurement. 

    • Upgrading Your Inside Sales Customer Service Teams Part 4: MS Excel Tips
      Continuing our discussion on how to improve upon our employee skillset, let’s review Microsoft Excel.  This is quite possibly the most important tool in the Microsoft line of products, because it allows anyone with a basic understanding of some Excel tools to analyze, manipulate and comprehend data. Because knowledge is power, Excel can empower your workforce to be more analytical, and thus more capable of making decisions on actionable data.

    • Analyzing Your Risks for Business Success

      We manage risk in our personal lives from issuing car insurance to dental cleaning, in hopes to reduce the consequences of potential unwelcome events. No one wants car accidents or dental problems, right?

      Yet what we often fail to do is identify and manage risk in a business environment, similarly as we recognize risk in our private lives. More often than not, companies do not investigate everything that could impact their business, but rather, look only at the obvious areas of risk. They need to engage in proper risk management.

    • “Revolutionary 100” Retailers Provide Valuable Industry Insight
      National lawn and garden trade publication Today’s Garden Center has selected 100 North American lawn and garden retail businesses for its Revolutionary 100 Garden Center List. Started in 2006, the program surveys garden center owners and managers on how they run their businesses. Each retailer competes on financial performance, management styles, merchandising, marketing and many other areas that determine a thriving garden store, large or small.

    • Users Get Inspired, Informed, and Involved at the Epicor Insights Eagle Customer Conference
      Earlier this month, hundreds of independent retailers and users of the Epicor Eagle and Epicor Eagle for the Automotive Aftermarket solutions flocked to New Orleans for the  Epicor Insights Eagle Customer Conference 2015. During the two-day event, attendees had the opportunity to participate in educational sessions, learn about new Epicor technologies, network with other users and meet members of the Epicor team.

    • Monitoring the ERP Clock
      Knowing when to replace one’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be a tricky proposition. For many organizations, growth, revisions to the business model, or physical changes may be the drivers of “monitoring the clock” on a current system. On

    • Epicor User Group 4000th Member Milestone and Global Expansion
      Recently the Epicor Users Group (EUG) reached a new milestone by having our 4000th member contact sign up for the group.  The EUG is a completely independent group of users helping users of Epicor software products. It’s a non

    • Manufacturing Trends for 2015
      According to the Manufacturer’s Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, manufacturing will continue to grow faster than the economy as whole in the coming year. Manufacturing production is expected to grow 4.0 percent in 2015 and 3.6 percent in 2016, with growth

    • Connected ERP: The New Imperative
      Recently, we posted on the rise of collaboration as a key element in today’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). That topic points to a broader necessity the need for connected ERP. For businesses whose operations increasingly span the globe, connectivity is

    • Enhance Your Business’ Competitive Edge during Insights Eagle 2015
      Education is a necessary and ongoing process throughout the stages of owning a retail business management solution implementation, stabilization, optimization, and growth. During Epicor Insights Eagle Customer Conference 2015, attendees will gain valuable experiences on how to better utilize the Epicor

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  • Business Inspired
    Your goal is to deliver an outstanding experience to your customers every time, and to be prosperous in the process. With Epicor, you are free to focus on core business activities, inspiring you to visualize and realize the opportunities that technology, deftly applied, can create for your business.

    Business Inspired
    Your goal is to deliver an outstanding experience to your customers every time, and to be prosperous in the process. With Epicor, you are free to focus on core business activities, inspiring you to visualize and realize the opportunities that technology, deftly applied, can create for your business.

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