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How ERP Software Can Make Your Business More Connected

Category: ERP

At times I feel like the business world is simultaneously becoming more connected and less connected. Technology has revolutionised the business world in numerous ways, such as breaking down geographical and language barriers. This opens up enormous potential for business to be done on a scale unlike any generation before us. However, poor use of technology can also breed habits of anti-socialness which can cause us to miss out on innovation resulting from collaboration.
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How ERP Software Helps Decision Makers

Category: ERP

Making good decisions is undoubtedly a skill that you develop over time. Managing risk, drawing on the knowledge of the right people, resource management, and learning from previous experiences are all elements of a good decision maker.However, arguably one of the most important factors in effective decision making is having timely access to accurate data. 

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Achieving Effective Collaboration through Social ERP Software

Category: ERP

Since the beginning of time humans have been collaborating. The simple concept of working together to achieve an outcome exists all around us, every day. The real challenge isn’t to collaborate, but to do so in a way that generates great results.
To grow in a competitive market, manufacturers and distributors should do whatever they can to encourage and facilitate collaboration between their stakeholders. One particular way they can achieve this is through their ERP software.
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6 Reasons to Change Your view of Cloud ERP Software

Category: Cloud/SaaS

I remember a conversation I had with a friend, some eight or so years ago now, about his concerns with storing personal data in the cloud. He was worried about his family photos being somewhere ‘up there’ for anyone to get access to–I think it’s fair to say he wasn’t alone with this concern.

Security was one of the primary hurdles the cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) movement has had to overcome in its rise in adoption. Today however, in both business and personal markets, attitudes and awareness have changed dramatically.
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How to Deliver the Best Customer Experience to Enable Growth

Category: Technology Innovation

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, providing a great customer experience has never been more critical—both in terms of differentiating yourself from your competition and growing your business. In fact, one of the greatest indicators of your company’s future success today is your customers’ satisfaction levels. If your customers are happy, this naturally bodes well for business growth; however, you then have the added challenge of keeping them happy while you’re growing. 

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How inventory management software impacts the customer experience

Category: ERP

In a game of Family Feud, if the topic was "inventory management software", I wouldn’t expect to see "the customer experience" appear in any of the top matching results. We would be more likely to see terms such as "managing minimum and maximum stock levels", "demand forecasting", and "reducing stock-on-hand variances" get the points.
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Epicor CFO Discusses Corporate Challenges

Category: Technology Innovation

In an interview on SearchFinancialApplications.com, Kathy Crusco, executive vice president and CFO of Epicor, answered questions ranging from the challenges of merging two organizations (Epicor and Activant) to the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s new standard for recognizing revenue.
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