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Providing retail management solutions and services for specialty, mass merchandise, and department store retailers is our business. With decades of experience, Epicor has the expertise to understand your needs, the technology to meet them, and the best practices to maximize the value of your retail merchandising software investment. With our comprehensive services and support, we’re able to minimize your risk, optimize your performance, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Retail Management Solutions

By providing world-class services and support, Epicor enables you to concentrate on your core business operations to increase sales, and enhance your customers’ experience. Our dedicated, skilled, and experienced retail teams help to ensure the integrity of our retail management solutions, while maximizing performance and providing you the latest technology advancements, including upgrades and new releases.

Retail Management Solutions and Services:

Have questions about our Retail Management Solutions? Please call us at +1-800-992-9160, chat with a specialist, or send us an email.

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