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The Nexus of Forces Works Its Way Into the Enterprise

According to leading technology research firm Gartner, "Four independent forces—social, mobile, cloud and information—have converged as a result of human behavior, creating a technology-immersed environment. This Nexus of Forces (NOF) is changing the way people and businesses relate to technology, while creating opportunities to transform business processes and industries based on a renewed consumer focus.

This Gartner report presents key findings about NOF and how it impacts business today, such as:

  • Demand for IT solutions that support NOF scenarios is increasing.
  • The NOF is being embraced both strategically and tactically by most industries, whether they have "customers" or not.
  • However, the most progressive NOF solutions are those that involve customer engagement.

For more information about the Nexus of Forces, check out this Gartner report, compliments of Epicor.

If you have any questions about the Gartner report or Epicor, please contact us at asiamarketing@epicor.com.

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