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With over 13,000 customers worldwide, Altec is the leader in document management and workflow solutions for the enterprise. Altec’s doc-link™ software is tightly integrated to Epicor for automation of paper intensive processes such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Sales Order Processing. Managing these processes and transactions electronically will provide your organization with quantifiable ROI, business process improvements and competitive advantage. doc-link™ for Epicor is affordable, scalable, and the integrated document management for your organization – Any Process. Any Department. Epicor Advanced Print Management powered by Altec is designed as an out-of-the box efficiency tool. APM automatically routes Epicor forms and reports electronically through email, fax, or FTP based on customer or supplier specific requirements. Visit us at www.altec-inc.com.


Avalara, the industry’s most trusted provider of sales and use tax compliance services has partnered with Epicor to create Epicor Tax Connect. Epicor Tax Connect powered by Avalara AvaTax is the fastest, easiest, most accurate and affordable way to calculate sales tax; manage exemption certificates; file returns; and remit payments across multiple tax regions. To learn more visit www.avalara.com/learn/videos/avatax-demo-for-epicor/.

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BizNet Software

Epicor XL Connect creates a direct, real-time link to Epicor databases for live access enabling the most accurate and current data in Excel®-based spreadsheets. Better than standard query-type integration, XL Connect delivers actual Excel functions that understand your General Ledger and other applications. Epicor XL Broadcast provides an automated way to publish selected worksheets and workbooks to specific individuals in multiple formats, including Excel® and PDF. These applications are provided through a partnership with BizNet Software®, Inc. Founded in 1996, BizNet focuses on data integration guided by financial and business professionals with a real-world understanding of corporate financial, operational and technical requirements.


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